PITB E-Khidmat Marakaz making Life Easier

(Dr. Shaukat Chauhdary, Lahore)

The Punjab Information Technology Board Government of the Punjab, provides the foundation for Punjab’s innovation economy, modernizing the governance techniques through transparency induced methods, increasing the digital literacy of the citizens. PITB is committed to effectively and efficiently provide public facilitation's services and infrastructure to the government for local and international businesses.

E-Khidmat Marakaz (CFSCs) are revolutionizing the methods of governance by reducing the pain points of every citizen. Before the introduction of these facilitation centers, citizens had to go through a number of lengthy processes and visit different government organizations to avail their daily life services. But now, with the presence of these public service centers across Punjab, people can easily receive the 78 services under one roof. Recently 32 services of construction industry including Building plan approval, approval of private housing Schemes, change of Land use and Completion certificate are started for all kind of map approvals delivered to citizens within days. Citizen life is getting easiest by using PITB E-Khidmat Marakaz services in construction industry and their basic life necessities under one roof. The Citizen Facilitation and Service Centres (e-Khidmat Markaz) are operational in 9 Divisions of Punjab. Facilitation's center team working tireless to revolutionize the Construction industry.
E-Khidmat Markaz projects pioneered by the PITB have made available online as well as under a single roof in which multiple government agencies responsible for issuance and certification of documents needed by citizens on a regular basis. Citizen facilitation's service Center's ensuring transparency, hassle free services, time saving, and easy access to the unserved groups and rooting out corruption. E Khidmat Marakaz aims to set higher standards of performance and efficiency across Punjab.

How Facilitation's canters making life easier for general public by Empowering citizens easy access to E-Khidmat Marakaz, Effective, efficient, prompt hassle-free and corruption-free service delivery with greater accountability and transparency .
Online booking of appointments for any services is convenient for general public to save their time, energy, Cost effectiveness and reduces no. of visits of citizens.
CFSCs helping Punjab government to making policies more efficiently to minimize cost to government, increasing government revenue and increasing public satisfaction index. I can safely say that Government of the Punjab is well on its way in its mission to transform service delivery and revolutionize citizen-government interface by using Punjab Information Technology Board.

The competent authorities of PITB Chairman Azfar Manzoor, DG Sajid Latif, ADG Muhammad Waseem Bhatti and its qualified teams working tireless in the E-Khidmat Marakaz across Punjab must be applauded for their endeavors to make these services more Convenient , friendly and apprehendable for the citizens and beneficial for the Punjab Government. Such a team is acting as a role model to start this landmark in other provinces as well in the future.

In a nutshell, CFSCs has become the integral part of our Facilitation services provided by PITB. It has provided the advanced, innovative and integrated solutions under one roof. Thus, making this unprecedented model a success story is the only way we could fulfill our national obligation to provide efficiently daily life services to citizens and international commitment of SDGs. PITB Working on the vision of our honorable Prime Minister Imran Ahmed khan & CM Usman Buzdar along with Chief Secretary Jawed Rafique Malik and allied department secretaries, DGs making citizen life more easier according to the system of western countries.

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