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Today, I have shared some useful information about YouTube, whether you tube website or channel. Normally, people think that YouTube is a channel even they agreed. Actually, the YouTube is a website. This website is sharing lot of information about the viewers. All type of information is available on YouTube website. It is depending upon user how they can utilize this source of information. The aforementioned website is keeping variety of quality of audios and videos. This website is providing opportunity of new talent even open the door of creative minds. This website is providing equally opportunity for all users. The Google Ad-sense is gives extra facility to groom-up new talent even provided opportunity for earning. The administration of this website is very active to observe day to day activities of their users. However, this website have some policy guild lines which is essential to adhere otherwise your channel does not monetize. A burning question which is asking me in very occasion how link with account? In this regard, you need only IBN and swift code from your respective banks when your channel has been monetized.

Now, we discuss second part of question whether You-Tube channel or not. The word channel is code for every new you-tubers. The word channel like code its means your personal audio or videos link into your gallery. All your videos or audio recording is available on your channel ID or Name. This channel code is interlinked with your email ID address. This is unique plat form to show your talent to others as you-tuber. All your you-tube videos are observing by you-tube team according to policy guidelines. There are various things which are keeping in mind while using this website.

Mr. Sheikh Fahad Zafar is young you-tuber even he has been using YouTube on daily basis. He said that this website is very informative and provide excellent opportunity for new you-tubers. Never minds what is wrong what is right, but it crystal clear the administrator of YouTube is not monetized until adhere policy guidelines which is aforementioned on this website, he said. Moreover, he said that this website is very unique like Humaribweb.com. This is dilemma in our society; we cannot earn from information technology or online learning programs, he said. There are very simple procedures to create your channel code for launching your work. There are two things are very important, he said. One is subscribe another is watch time. Thirdly, the content of the video are partially observed by you-tuber administrators, he said.

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