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Let’s start with the fact with that Gilgit Baltistan is a very old nation. Hence, the culture of this people is rather unique and originates somewhere in extreme antiquity. Gilgit Baltistan have managed to protect the traditions and customs of people who are the basis of the cultural life of the nation.
The famous trio band music is played in this region as in most of the other regions. On the rhythm of this loud music, men love to dance in their typical way. There are some variations in lyrics from region to region.

Old Man Dance

This dance is performed by more than one man wear some old style dresses and wear local hat and dance.

Sword Dance

This unique dance is performed by men taking one sword in right and Shield in left. One to six participants as pair can dance.

Cow Boy Dance

This unique dance is performed by a man wear earlier period dress, long leather shoes and a stick has in hand.

Instruments commonly used in Gilgit Baltistan are, Dadang (drum), Damal and Surnai while some other instruments like Sitar, Gabi(flut) Rabab and duff represent the different areas. Beside these khling-boo, chang, porgho-too etc instruments are used in Baltistan region.


Gilgit, Ghizer Yasin, Puniyal,and Gupis favorite rhythm is Alghani.


This rhythm is played during departure of bride from her house.


A martial rhythm and fast rhythm is played when sword dance is performed.


Hunza people’s favorite rhythm is Dani.

Festivals & Events
Cultural festivals.
Shandoor Polo Festival
Babusar Polo Festival
Harvest time festiva

Harvest Time

This festival is performed in the same way as the seeding festival. The villagers thank “Allah” (God Almightly) for the bounty that they are going to harvest. For this, it means lively music (drum beats), dancing and eating and on top of sharing the happiness with one another.


Traditions sport game of Gilgit Baltistan is polo. Polo was originally started from Gilgit centuries ago and Britisher learned to play Polo from Gilgitis during their stay in sub continent. It is still played in its original version at Gilgit.

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