Religion under tyranny

(Aqsa qayoom, Khairpur)

India has became the question of religious violence under the paper of citizenship amendment act (CCA). This startles the communal violence, the roits in capital Dehli. The uneasy situation of India is butting the Muslims operating over the centuries but having no concrete documents for proving them Indians in National registration of citizens ( NRC). Many more indian dwellers will confront the unjust ball games but the Indian Muslims are in jeopardy. Being a secular country it is the out door acts. Whereas the fact shows Muslims are in majority than Hindus themselves. In results India will challenge the darkness of this action. It will create a problematic tensions between two spreaded religions_ leaving aside the religious tyranny other hands shows the murder and killings of human beings, their houses on fire, there bodies being tortured and injured on the ground by not only the Hindus also having the shadow of system and police. Moreover the vedios speaks with their own how it is going there for Muslims. Humanity is to connect religion with another religious but India is crashing all these senses under their hindu agenda. Recent case of Babri masjid destruction turning it into a temple is the great sorrow to Muslims sentiments. Along with this the attacks on different mosques just delivering the hatred to all Muslim world.
India must consider this game as the real start of war.

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