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UAE and Israel

Today, the Arab is prominent position as compare to other Muslims states. However, this position as far as concerned, for getting financial objectives nothing else. Now, we discuss some key issues which were prevailed in late 1970. I try my best to convey sound knowledge and actual position of Arab and Israel conflict. Why Arabs has decided to resume relationship with Israel?. There are many reasons behind hit. In the late 1966, (King Shah Faisal), when he was the Foreign Minister of his majesty. He was taken keen interest of foreign polices and affairs of the states even he observed American politics. He was a very wise man and intelligent too. His policies are memorized even precise to Muslims states. All of us knew it; the Arab is oil rich state. Probably, that thing it has been enhancing stronger Arabs, but the Arab will have no longer depending upon it. When he was King in his majesty, he ordered to ended oil supply deal with USA when war begin Arab and Israel. Consequently, the result the USA economy were reined. The huge loss was suffered by American people in late 1967-1968.

Israel geography was allocated by dominate Jews lobby. Israel is Non-Muslims State. Recently, the Israel has been developed decent relationship with United Arab Emirate. However, Egypt and Jordan are already recognition of Israel. The united Arab Emirates (UAE) has lift the travel ban with Israel. The UAE has signed financial treaty with Israel even ratify too. The Egypt and Jordan has already lift travel restriction with Israel. It is pertinent to mentioned here that U.S has also given infrastructural support to Saudi Arab even financial investment so. Hence, it is not fear to concern, what kind of impact will face in up coming years. We takes recent example, Arab has to be desired to expend their investment on entertainment Industry even likely to grow. They have built different beaches on its soil and made drinking hotels and lot more. The question is how financial impact is the cause of Arab decline. It is a rule of nature. Whenever any state exceeds beyond the boarders of Allah Almighty then they will destroy. Moreover, the Quran said” “There is not allowed relationship with Jews nor non-believers because they never become your friends. “Who have knot with them not of us”. (Hadith)

A question generally, ask me why Arab will no longer in dominate position (oil richness) in the world? The answers are very simple Russia and American is getting oil needs through their own resources. There is no need of Arab oil nor it will longer required. Arab and Israel conflict is hot issue in previous years. In the late 1968, Arab and its Alliance were fought with Israel. Consequently, the Israel was defeated Arab and its Alliance through support of US.

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