Flaws Of Online Education In Pakistan

(Ifra Khan, )

Education is very important element of life. You will never get your goal without getting good education. But what will be happened? when educational institutes get closed.

So, following the outbreak of coronavirus in Pakistan the government ordered the closure of schools, colleges and universities. According to an official notification, HEC has asked all universities to start online classes.

Then online system has started and as per HEC’s ordered teachers are taking online classes still. Somehow it is good for future that our time isn’t wasting and we are taking lectures through online classes.

But, somehow it is disturbing students because of lack of facilities. People who live in villages they are not able to connect. Then how does the government expect to them to teach students in rural areas through mobile and zoom classes? They have lack of internet connection, then how they can manage 40 minuteclass of each subject.
If, we talk about the cities of Pakistan then here is a big issuance of load shedding is disturbing students during online classes. One the other hand everyone can not afford expenditures of online studies.

These are not enough flaws of online education what students are facing….We have few more in which:
• They think and feel online class has limit feedback.
• Learning required strong motivation and time management sills.
• Lack of communication skill development in online studies.
• Online instructors tend to focus on theory rather than practice.
• Lack of face to face communication puts students in confusion.
• Online learning is inaccessible to the computer illiterate population.

Through online classes teachers can not use body language and give friendly background to students which is most important. Due to this problem students ask questions again and again because of misunderstanding through the social media. This is cause of burden for teachers because they have to deal many students which is little bit tough rather than physical teaching.

Just like all things, online education has its ups and downs. But the positive side of online education gets more accepted as years goes by. And this is because it can be accessible to all. It is just a matter of time before most people will take this as a genuine form of education.But yes, the flaws of online education can’t be negligible but if, we cooperate with this system it is also helpful for getting good education.


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