Quarrels between neighbours

(Soma Akbar, Karachi)

On august 1947,two countries in South Asia conquested liberty from the British rule and turned out to be enlisted in the names of largest countries mapped on the world.Pakistan and India,two opposite mindsets and longtime rivals are sharing borders with each other and when we fumble in the archives,they are the wars which are mostly glazed on the brims of confrontations and till today the countries have foe-zoned each other.Pre-partition chronicles depict that there were barely foursome unanimous covenants signed between Hindus and Muslims.

Otherwise Hindus were mostly engaged in ascending cordial relations with the British and stuffing misunderstandings about the Muslims in their perceptions.

There nature hasn't mutated yet.When Pakistan was bogusly alleged of providing sanctuary to terrorists on its land ,the Indian media and governments played as kindlers of the embers of false shrewdness and malign Pakistan's image.

The recent addition to this fable is that prior to the last Indian elections,an Indian aircraft intervened the airspace of Pakistan but because of Pakistan's 24/7 active airforce ,the jet got struck by a missile and tripped down.The pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was rescued on time and provided with the aid.

The mischief doesn't end here,the Indian military was prickled by such defamation and plotted a false flag operation and accused Pakistan as the crooked hand.

The main reason of not settling down the dust of conflict with India is its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.The tyrannies of Indian millitants on feeble Kashmiris are notorious worldwide.There are inhumane constraints dribbled on them by Indian government in following religious rituals.The abrupt behavior of extremist Indians is not bounded to Kashmir but to all the regions of the country where Muslims are residing, they all confront racism and condescension everyday.

In 1965 Indo -Pak war, because of Pakistani political blunders revolving around ears even today and Indian conspiracies,East Bengal got intersected from Pakistan which is now known as Bangladesh.

In Kargil war (1999), which was fought between May and july,Pakistan army knocked down Indian troops which crossed LOC to prevail over peaks like Sachin so that they could observe Pakistani military activities without much assertion . They were fisted bursquely as Pakistani intelligence learned their filthy plan on the right time.

The trembling rivals after seeming the projection of their defeat,plead to U.S to interrupt in the matter and subsequently the then PM, Nawaz Sharif had to command the then Army chief ,Parwez Musharto put the weapons down.

It has been more than twenty years and the Indian infidels still seek opportunities to take vengeance.

There was a treaty named Indus basin treaty brokered by World bank for distributing water between India and Pakistan was signed Jawaharlal Nehru and Ayub Khan.The commitment and vows did well for the decades but now often both are disdained as India blocks Pakistan's water supply to use water as weapon and create nuisance for draining their envy.

No matter what devilish strategies the enemy cook, Pakistan knows how to smack down whoever put a filthy glance over it.

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