Climate change Or global warming

(Saif ur rehman, Karachi)

Global warming increases the temperature normal is melting mountain glacier more rapidly than ever before. It is also causes more water to evaporate into the atmosphere, which dries out soils and surface waters.


1. Power Generation.
Power station use water to produce steam and drives turbines. Large amounts of water evaporates from their cooling towers. Hydroelectric plants use dams to trap for fast flowing river water and generate electricity.

2. Mines.
Copper mining assistance of water to break up crush and grind rocks. Which make air pollution and water pollution.

Disappearing forest.
Deforestation such as here, as well as the overuse of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, gradually change Earth's atmosphere and climate.

1. Land pollution.
Land pollution is a result of dumping garbage waste and other toxic making the land polluted. The source of land pollution comes from the human elements.

2. Air pollution.
Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Car emissions chemical from factories dust pollen and mold spores may be suspended particles.

3. Automobile pollution.
Passenger vehicle are major contributor producing significant amount of nitro Oxygen and carbon monoxide and other pollution.

Harm Effects.

1. Effect on ozone layer.
Air pollution effect on ozone layer. The ozone hole caused by ozone-destroying chemical which allow more ultraviolet radiation to strike on the earth.

2. Smog.
Smog in simple word is the combination of smoke and fog. Smoke cause a brownish coloration in the atmosphere and reduce the visibility in the area. This situation ultimately leads to end increase death. It is also produced by burning of the fossil fuels such as coal.

3. Acid rain.
The concept of acid rain is also associated with polluted air. The form acid rain is referred to all precipitation ( rain, dew and snow) which is more acid than natural water. President directly harm animals plant and peoples.

4. Wild weather.
Climate change has made heavy rains and floods more frequent as seen in Pakistan and other countries.

5. Ice Tap.
some mountain communities obtain their water from melting glacier is the eyes disappear because of normal temperature.


Stop Pollution.
Pollution damage and decrease our clean environment. If we take more careful with our waste and work to clean up the pollution that already exist we can reclaim and protect our environment and climate.

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