Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss:

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There are different diet plans for weight loss. Let us learn about our best diet plan. It would not only be the best andhealthy for you but you will also be feeling it effective with in few days of following. You will just need to follow this plan as per our guidelines. This diet plan includes the healthy diet which will also be protecting you from chronic diseases like heart disease.

Guidelines to be followed:
• Eat and chew slowly
• Follow the food timing
• Food rotation
• Drink plenty of water
• Only 2 tea spoons of sugar/day are allowed under this diet plan, use brown/raw sugar instead of white sugar
• Up to 1 small roti or pita of the same size/day is allowed, 2 slices of bread would be equal to one roti.
• Use pink Himalayan salt instead of ordinary salt

So, let's go with our diet plan
Within five to ten minutes of waking up, take a glass of honey water with lemon (mix 1-2 teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water adding the juice of half a lemon). After having the honey water, you would need to go for your (at least) twenty minutes of exercise / physical activity (mandatory), it may be any exercise of your choice or simply a walk, after having the exercise take your Pre-breakfast.
1. Pre-Breakfast Take any of the following fruits as a pre-breakfast:
• Orange (one)
• Grapefruit (half)
• Apple (one)
Within half hour after pre-breakfast take your breakfast,
2. Breakfast Take any of followings as your breakfast meal:
• One whole egg and egg white (boiled or omelet) plus a cup of green tea
• Three egg whites (boiled or omelet) plus cup of green tea.
• Organic cereal with milk plus a cup of green tea
You can take your brunch snack between10a m to 11 am
3. Brunch Snack Select any of following fruits for your brunch snack:
• Apple
• Guava
• Banana
• Half of a medium sized pomegranate
• Large sized peach
• Pear
• 2-4 apricots or plums
• 4-6 strawberries
Take your lunch between 12 pm to 02 pm
4. Lunch Avoid bread, roti, pita, rice and pasta at lunch and take any of followings:
• Beans/ chickpeas salad
• Fresh vegetables salad plus one egg white (boiled)
• Boiled mung beans with lemon juice
• Lentil soup and cucumber salad
• Mixed fruit plus a cup of plain yogurt
• Mixed nuts and seeds plus a cup of black coffee or green tea
• Chicken soup plus cucumber and tomato salad
• Corns (Dry roasted or boiled) and a glass of buttermilk/ lassi
Take your evening snack at a roundabout 04 pm
5. Evening Snack For an evening snack select any one of the followings:
• Mixed fruits
• Glass of lassi/buttermilk
• Water melon/melon
• 9-10 peanuts plus a cup of black coffee or green tea
• 5-7 almonds plus cup of black coffee or green tea
• Coffee or tea with milk
Your dinner timing must be between 06 pm to 09 pm preferably at least 2 hours before going to bed
6. Dinner Select any one of the following for your dinner:
• Half to one small sized roti or one to two small slices of bread with curry /gravy prepared with chickpeas /beans or beef/mutton /chicken
• Lentil soup/chicken soup plus fresh vegetable salad with medium sized boiled potato
• Corn or chickpeas flour roti with steamed or half cooked veggies, homemade pickle and glass of lassi/buttermilk
• BBQ, steamed or baked chicken/fish with raw or steamed veggies plus one whole orange.
• Large serving of lentil/beans curry with small serving of boiled rice and half cup of plain yogurt (This menu can be taken only once in a week)
• Stir fried veggies with two egg whites (boiled or omelet)
• Chicken or beef steak with cucumber and tomato salad.

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