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Depression is an affective state of sadness that is due to many reasons. Such as
● Loss of loved ones
● Major failure in life goals
● The side effect of any drug
● Stress of anything
● Financial crises and many other reasons.

Basically, Depression is a serious mental disorder in which mood swings occur. Depression majorly affects daily life. In depression, persons feel always sad but not every sadness is depression-like when anyone loses their loved ones sadness is a natural phenomenon.
Symptoms of depression:
Symptoms of depression vary different to different person but normal symptoms include:
● Changes in appetite
● Mood swings
● Loss of interest almost in everything
● Less physical activity
● Sleep trouble
● Spend more time in darkness
● Feeling always alone or neglected
● Fitness loss(sometimes gain too much weight or sometimes too much lose)
● Thinking or writing ability also disturb
● Hopeless( thinking about death or suicide)
● Always feel fatigued.

Depression is a mental disorder. It attacks a person's central nervous system(CNS). In adults, cognitive problems occur because CNS is impaired in depression. According to AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGY ASSOCIATION as compared to younger older adults have more problems of memory loss due to depression.

It also affects various parts of our body as it leads to insomnia because sleep trouble also occurs in depression. Some depressed people consume too much alcohol that is too much bad for the body, especially for the liver.

According to a study, more women are affected than man due to various reasons. In the world especially in eastern countries, women have too many restrictions. Women have less freedom as compared to men. Also, some families are very restricted.

When women get pregnant, it’s the happiest feeling ever but at the time of delivery, many women experience postpartum depression because the birth of a newborn is exciting but it is also a complicated process. A woman feels too much fear or anxiety at a time of delivery. According to the survey of 2018, in Mississippi, U.S the rate of postpartum depression in new mothers is about 23.5%

According to the world health organization,264 million persons suffer from depression throughout the world of all ages. sometimes depression got worse and leads towards suicide. Appromaxetely 800,000 committed suicide. In the people, age 15-29 years suicide is the 2nd cause of death.

Depression is a mental condition that can occur at any age or to anyone. In our society mental illness or mental condition is not considered as any disease or condition. First of all, people don’t accept depression. It thinks suffering people is just too much sense or maybe they are overreacting. Please take this depression seriously. Please don’t tell them to take part in any type of religious work you will be ok with. Depression is a disease like cancer is a disease. In cancer, we take treatment to get rid of it simply as depression.

Severe depression is also treatable. Sometimes depression is treated through counseling. It also treats changes in lifestyle. It also treats through talking or sharing your problems with your loved ones.

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