Pakistan India Conflicts

(Saif ur rehman, Karachi)

Pakistan is located in South Asia. Pakistan has coastline along the Arabian Sea and is bordered India, China, Afghanistan and Iran. The Independence day of Pakistan is 14 August 1947.

India is located in Southern Asia. India has a long Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal and bordered Bhutan, barma, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Independence day of India is 15 August 1947.

Key points.

1. Kashmir.
The first conflicts to begin in October 1947, after 2 months after the countries came into being following passes support of a Muslim insurgency in Kashmir. Kashmir's Maharaja applied to India for help in return for it becoming an Indian territory. But the nature of the agreement has long disputed.

2. Security.
India has also been accusing for not taking action against Pakistan bases militant groups and Indian government says that militant groups pose a big threat fir its notional security. Indian government demand that Pakistani government take some serious action against militant groups ulcer suspect that Pakistani government support these groups.

3. Water.
Further problems which is causing problems with Pakistan and India is the use of water. Many rivers rise from India and flow down to Pakistan. Pakistan claims that India is not playing fair in term of user of water according to a treaty under which India can use the water of three eastern rivers Pakistan can use water of Western three rivers Pakistan says that Indian is diverting these water by building Dam Pakistan is depending on this water for forming and other need for its population.

4. Religious ideologies.
Both of countries have their religious ideologies. The foundation Pakistan was laid down on the basis of religion. Muslim in British India felt that after the Independence if a Hindu government take command of the nation the Muslim community will be isolated from the political ground. The demand for separate nation as Pakistan.

5. The 1965 War.
In 1965 countries went to war power between Pakistan and India. Pakistan force entered India administrated. United Nation support both countries to ceasefire in 1966 and both countries signed on agreement.

6. The 1971 war.
In 1971 both countries went and war with each other once again. However the battlefield this time was the border of India and East Pakistan (Modern Bangladesh) in 1971 Pakistan first civil war between West Pakistan army and East Pakistan. As a result many people escaped to India from east Pakistan after that Pakistani army surrender to Indian army and war come to end with the birth of other country.(Bangladesh)

Relation between Pakistan and India have been complicate due to a number of historical and political events. Currently and Indian Pakistan are facing serious security challenges including Kashmir dispute water conflicts and border terrorism. Kashmir dispute is the major Burn of contention as it is curing other dispute like water and cross border terrorism.

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