A comprehensive analysis on issues of karachi

(Muhammad Shafiq, )

Karachi is a MultiAgency controlled city which has resulted political victimisation, failed administration and above all, the havoc situation for its citizens. There are a number of ethnic, religious and sectarian groups along with huge criminal elements in karachi. Karachiis the seventh largesturban area(City) in the world with the population of 15 million(But experts predict more than 20 million).

Karachi, with its 69% share in national revenue, is a backbone for Pakistan's economy. It also gives strategic access to Arabian sea and Indian Ocean. Karachi's population is largely skilled and educated. More cardinally, it possesses the huge Pakistan’s industrial hub which greatly boosts Pakistan’s crawled economy.

Karachi has been facing many problems including injustice, criminal elements, Overpopulation, sewage and drainage, solid waste accumulation and criminally bad governance.
Let’s have the comprehensive analysis of key problems of karachi;

Overpopulation: according to the 2017 Census of Pakistan, Karachi’s population was fifteen million but the reality is quite opposite as it is more than twenty millions, according to experts. In 1947, its population was 450,000 which is a high density.

This is increasing the pressure on natural and civic resources and the facilities have not been upgraded by last 3 decades.

Furthermore, the factor of Overpopulation has created the issues of portable water access and affordable land for housing in karachi.Slums are largest in the city. In fact, all these factors enlistkarachiin top tenworst cititesto live in the world.

Outdated and broken civic infrastructure :By Orangi Pilot Project, 43 storm water drains are encroached by KachiAbadis, housing development schemes and their exit into sea is blocked by their posh housing schemes such as the DHA. This is supposed to be addressed immediately.

Solid waste accumulation: There are merely two landfills for karachi that produce nearly 15,000 tons of waste material per dday. Seventy percent waste material ends up in storm water drains, clogging them, in heaps of garbage all around the city in open dumping practice.

Criminally bad governance: virtually, there is an absence of a local government in administering karachieffectively under the 2013 sindh local Govt act.

There has been seen blame game in Karachi’s politics which devastated the governance system in great deal.

The PPP is violating the spirit of 18th amendment itself by not developing power to 3rd tiers.

Administrative jurisdiction of Karachi is divided between six different administrative bodies with continuous tussle and blame game. The ethnic politics has divided karachi since 1980s.

Below sea-level and ecological destruction: Mangrove forests have been destroyed by encroachments much of the DHA phase 8 and Clifton have been created by land reclamation Chances of urban flooding and sea intrusion is very real.

A way forwad: The issue of Overpopulation can smartly be tackled if the family planning institutes and contraceptive education are encouraged and upgraded. In that case of Overpopulation, Hyderabad city is a prime city to pull immigrants away from Karachi.

Women's education is supposed to be inculcated and imparted to get rid of the Overpopulation issue and early age marriages must be criminalised.

Climatic forces:karachi is a hard hit city by climate change. A massive plan for plantation of indigenous trees and establishment of urban forests upon state land are way forward to overcome from the climatic forces. Along with that, land reclamation in coastline should be criminalised and high risk existing buildings are supposed to be vacated and converted into mangrove parks. Also, the rehabilitation and protection of mangrove belt of coast and near karachi such as port Qasimdemand central attention.

Karachi’s infrastructure:Recent spells of rain in Karachi have badly exposed it’s political and administrative spheres. It urgently needs of embankment cementing of the storm water drains. Similarly, rain water harvestation to be utilised to provide portable water.

Transportation of karachihas badly beenswayed and impacted. Very firstly, the KCR (karach circular railway) must be made functional at all costs. Secondly, roads to be made more pedestrianised and cyclist friendly with separate lanes along with ensuring lane discipline. Thirdly, karachi needs a Lahore styled bus service to get rid of the problem of transportation .

Waste management is also one of the major issues for Karachi. There must be ensured the ban of the use of single-use plastics such as plastic bags throughout the metropolis like in punjab.

Along with that, it immensely demands to introduce the concept of compacting organic household waste and kitchen forming methods which would substantially address the food insecurity .

One judicial step of legislation of separation of waste at source and penalizing mixing of different types of waste at source should be debated and finalised. This is the best international practice to manage waste material.

Astonishingly, there are only two landfills for karachiand once, experts reported one landfill for each district in 2001. Therefore, more landfills should be built around Karachi which are ecologically friendly.

Bringing good governanceIs also a big challenge for karachi. It needs of introducing new and improved Sundh local Government Act. This Local Government is supposed to be empowered with directly elected Mayor on non-party basis.
In order to handle all municipal services, financial and operational autonomy to local government must be given.

Last but not the least, to bring Karachi under one administered supreme municipal board with representation from all town municipal bodies with highest power in city.

In nutshell, All the approved policies must be implemented under senior leadership to get instant and effective output.There must be theassurance of transparency of allocated budget. The cardinal issues must be addressed firstly on priority basis and most importantly, karachi must be depoliticised in all Aspects. There is supposed to be harmony between the Sindh province and federal for the public interest.

Writer: Muhammad Shafiqis a social activist.

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