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Consider your situation when your body covered with filth kitchen is at sins and seven, waiting your dishes to be washed, being ill clad and what more to be pining for a single drop of water in order to satiate your thirst and survive. These are demanding situations can be fulfilled by having good amount of water. Unfortunately, this condition is very much prevailing in the poverty stricken areas of our country like Thar.

Water is a vital necessityfor all the being whether humans, animals or plants one life can’t be imagined being deprived of this resource. A question instantly clicking the mind what are those applications applied by the people in order to ensure that certain amount of water is being reserved. The formation of clouds which resulted in the formation of rain also called water cycle this water flows through river and their respected tributaries and sometimes when it gets overflowed stored in the dams.

Climate change has started the world had a great number of campaigns had been run in this regard. Climate change activist are taking every measure possible in order to educate the world to save the environment by planting trees and saving water. Pakistan is among the 6th number on the country where the ozone layer is fastly and dangerously erupting due to global warming. This global warming can also because of melting glaciers and canbe cause of large number of floods resulting in future.

If we take Pakistan on the ground of its making of dams, so it dawn upon us that no Major dams has been built other than Mangla and Tarbela over many decades. Fortune of dams like diamer bhasha and kalabagh is still on tenters hook. Even the constructions of kala bagh dam has made severely controversial that it is even after so many decades has not decided whether to build it or not. Reservations has been raised by provinces like kpk and Sindh. They have their own philosophies on the formation of kala bagh dam where the Sindh claims it will be left thirsty as abundance of flowing water will be enjoyed by Punjab, on the other side kPk has totally different perspective, they fear if the kalabagh project will be implemented cities of kpk like Noshera,Peshawar and sawabi will be floated. As in the scenario, it is very difficult for the central (federal) to make any of the province resented sp consensus had finally built on the formation of diamer bhasha dam. In recent past a crowdfunding had also organized by the chief justice of Pakistan justice saqib nisar persuaded the people to participate in the campaign by donating. Military personnel’s, official, businessman, teacher, students and many other social community had unlived their presence on this noble cause for the secure future of their upcoming generations and made it ensure on their behalf that their won’t be any bereavement of safe and clean water. As no progress has still been made to implement this diamer bhasha dam formation we hope that will commence as large number of people donated by the request of politician by revered chief justice of Pakistan of that time.

Indus water basin treaty is also an incentive for us to ensure large number of formation of dams. The treaty is going largely on India’s favor as he can but only enjoyed the water of its river tributaries but when the amount of water get out of demands they mercilessly opens the spill ways to Pakistan side, flooded its areas with abundance of water. We can take advantage of this action of India by building larger number of dams as it will not only be used for generating electricity but its storage as well. It’s a mishap for our country that million cubic of water has to be wasted on account of unavailability of dams which is further intensifying the situation. In a recent report an alarming revealed has been downed upon us that around 2025, Pakistan will be exempted of water and we can simply imagine what will happen if we will have to face this kind of tragedy so it is beneficial for all the nation and specially the public represented to fasten their demand of building new dams and not only clamoring for demand but also make this project will be on ground and won’t be relegated to papers only.

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