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Pakistan and India, two most important countries in the region of south ASIA their relationship with each other replete with abundance of history. The deep rooted connection they share is mostly and unfortunately antagonistic for variety of reasons. Whether it is ideological, religious or territorial. The conflictual nature of the relation between these two countries always had been a center of attention for the countries of the words. It is not only today that some existing territorial problems are the cause of acerbity in their relationship but if we take a deeper insight into the very beginning of the history then our mind will be illuminated with the fact that those bitter event which these countries (indo-Pak) had experienced has also a far reaching impact on their relationship. These events comprises ideological and religious differences ill-will of Indians to form a nexus with the British against Muslim of sub-continent during 1857 war of independence, large number of killing during migration of 1947 after partition and unjust division of assets to Pakistan . It is noteworthy that the Pakistan had to face a lot of problems at its nascent days of independence when India showed careless attitude of not sending respective furniture to Pakistan which was definitely Pakistan prerogative to keep that.

The issues which proved to be an Achilles heels between India and Pakistan are territorial disputes of Jammu and Kashmir, siachan glaciers, sir creek and some hydro projects like wallar, kishanganga and baglihaaar projects. Consequently their relation is what in TVPaul opinion an “enduring rivalry” is.

Development of south Asia has become hostage of IndiaPakistan conflicts because it is vital cause behind the economic backwardness and instability of regional cooperation (SAARC), founded in 1985, has not produced anticipated results due to bilateral conflict between two main economies of south Asia region i.e.India and Pakistan. The most centered conflict in south Asia is IndiaPakistan which started with the departure of British though issues like sir creek
,siachen wullar barrages and terrorism exist yet Kashmir dispute can be considered the underlying cause of PakistanIndia conflict empowerment of any region is no doubt depend upon the enthusiastic desire of all the related members in order to gain the fruitful and progressive result and strengthen the region while in this regard India pak proved to be an Achilles heels.

let’s have the closer look to all those major conflicts between India and Pakistan which is letting both the nations not to organize relations by heart and soul and also the actual impediment to strengthen the bond between both nations.

The Jammu and Kashmir is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan which remained unsolved till date. It lied in the northwest area of south Asia with an area of 85,806 square miles, separated by a line of control mutually agreed by Pakistan and India in 1972. Kashmir boundary circumnutatesIndia,Pakistan Afghanistan and china. The Muslims in Kashmir lasted for five centuries from 1320 to 1819 rinchin, a Buddhist ruler embraced Islam in 1320 after the rule gradually diverted in the hands of Sikh regime. During AngloSikh war impressed British a lot that they finally bestow him the domination of Kashmir. When Sikhindebted to east India company it further made an agreement under the lead of herding to sold Kashmir for the sum of rs 75,00,000 this accord entitled as treaty of Amritsar of 16 march 1846 and from there the rule of dogras started Jammu and Kashmir soon smelt the rat by some of the malicious act committed by the ruler which resulted into a grand upheaval and also an invitation for tribesman of nearby to revolve against the government in order to snitch their due right after all the sign of accession signed and India acknowledged it with the condition of plebiscite according to the desire of Kashmir’s with whom want to annex.

A number of United Nations commission had been formed in order to solve the decade issue. United nation commission for India and Pakistan(UNCIP) is one of them but unfortunately people of Kashmir’s still waiting for a day when they will be able to experience a dawn of independence. Article 370 revolution.

Modi has crossed all the morals after revocation of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and violated the innocent voices of Kashmiri’s by imposing a lockdown all over the valley and it has been more than a year. All the communication resources has been shut down. The prime minister of India trying to hush the voices of Kashmir through power but he does not know that their passion for independence is bigger than any arms and ammunition. it is become a mural responsibility of the world to resolve the Kashmir conflict according to the resolutions of united nations that not only these poor Kashmir take a sigh of relief but also there should be a way paved for the restoration of healthy relations between India and Pakistan.

Siachan issue is also a certified issue between India and Pakistan. It is a glaciated area claimed by both the countries. Several accord’s had been made on this regard to pacify the issue between the 1989 agreement provided opportunity to resolve the issue that was less controversial main point of this accord are:
The Indian terms were:
1. Cerration of “cartographic aggression” by pakistan.
2. Establishing a demilitized (DMG) at siachen glaciers.
3. Interchange between pak and India of authentic drawing display existing military outlooks in the field.
4. Devising of ground procedures to oversee military task in the region.
5. Delineation of a border from chart reference point NJ 9842 northward to the boundary with china on the basis of ground realities.
6. Relocation of Pakistani and Indian forces to commonly decided location.
7. Contrary to it, Pakistani and Indian to commonly approved pre simla rituations and afterwards.
8. Demarcation of an addition of the LOC ahead to NJ 9842.

Siachan issue like other conflicting issue has been at the agenda of talks between Pakistan and India but no development has been made lack of political will is an actual impediment to this issue solution. Indian denial to ratify 1989 accord and Pakistan situational demanding to the issue of siachan to the linkage of Kashmir showed non serious behavior from back side.

Of all the bilateral disputes between Pakistan and India sir creek has the simplest solution and can be resolved as a confidence building measure (CBM) paring the way to settle the more complex one.

It is a 96 km marshy strip in the ran of Kutch area lying between the Sindh province and Gujrat of India. The dispute is related to the ran of Kutch. During independence Pakistan inherited the control of whole of Kutch northern part but India occupied a part of it in 1956 in order to establish a naval base and adjacent states Pakistan concern led to ministerial level task that only recognized the dispute, but brought no solution, resulted into a skirmish in Apr- May 1965. The 1914 resolution that awarded the whole of sir creek to Sindh which in 1947 joined Pakistan while Gujrat opted for Indian , should have been respected the matter would have been amicably resolved.

Pakistan and India had been indulged in to the water dispute even when India stopped Pakistan water after independence further aggravated the situation this just division of water reserves was solved by World Bank in 1960 through Indus water treaty.

Wullar barrage project is on the agenda of Pakistan. India negotiations yet no breakthrough has resulted a key reason behind in the attachment of one issue with the other specially Kashmir, therefore both parties should abandon their stereotypical behavior of suspending relationship and take a serious approach.

India and Pakistan also have controversies about India kishanganga power project on the Jhelum river both parties are already discussing the dispute at the level of permanent Induscommission since 2005 but the issue is still lying in the arbitration court under mechanism of the India water treaty system court and compromise has yet not been achieve.

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