Preventive measures of Covid-19

(Usman farooqi, Karachi)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is now keep spreading day by day. It is an epidemic contagious disease which can transmit people to people and also animal to people by droplet infection within seconds. The quickly increasing of virus has triggered fear across the world. Instead of  panic we should keep ourselves reserved from people who are suffering from fever, shortness of breath, flu, cough, sneeze etc. maintain 1.8 metre (6feet) distance at all the time if in public and also we should sanitize ourselves and clean surfaces, mobiles, tables, light buttons, , holders, keyboards and remote daily.

In order to keep the public informed, The government should provide free soap and sanitizer to the poor men, policemen, traffic duties on the road and also reduce prices on medicines. I also want to draw attention towards parents who are gathering with their families in crowded places for an amusement. If we avoid meetings in coming days it will be very fruitful for whole nation in future.

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