5 ways to success/How to get success

(Atiqa Rehan, Karachi)

The 5 fundamental steps that leads you to success are:

1)Identify your aim:
This is the most important thing on the road to success because many people in our locality is just following the footsteps of others.They don't know;what is their passion,they don't know what talent has been given to them by Almighty Allah.They just waste their whole life for the sake of their "so called aim" and when they couldn't achieve their so called aim.They called it their failure.This is because the thing for which they are ruining their lives is out of their area of interest.A general observation explains that a person can never get failure if he is seeking his success in the thing which lies under his area of interest.So choosing your aim of life within your area of interest is the prior step to success.

2)Put your all efforts:
Put your efforts mean doing both hard work and smart work simultaneously for your decided aim as hard work without smart work can't lead you to success.Hard work and smart work both are interdependent on each other.If a person neglects one of it he can't get success as struggle for success requires both consumption of your body as well as your mind.

3)Believe in Almighty Allah and then in yourself:
Almighty Allah is the best planner if you have given your 100℅,Allah will never let you down as Almighty loves you 70 times more than your mother so never loose hope and keep on making prayers.Believe in yourself means that your struggle for success will pay you back in shape of achievement of your desired goal .

4)Be Focused/Concentrate on your aim:
This says that try not to be the jack of all trades.Focus only on your goal and avoid distraction or being distracted by the hurdles that are coming in your way to success and never allow your mistakes to distract you from your path to success and learn from your mistakes."Avoid repeating the same mistake ".As it is the sign of lack of concentration .

5)Manage your time:
Time management plays a key role to success because on the path to success priority and preference matter alot.Everthing must be done on it's actual and suitable time.There are somethings which take time to happen give them their time and also there are somethings which are rapid to happen.So let them happen."Never neglects the Time as it has a great value".

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