How to Find Latest Jobs in Pakistan?

(Faizanullah Hussainy, Karachi)

In a last few years, the inflation rate and economic instability is significantly increased around the globe. Pakistan is also affected by this situation. Nowadays, getting a new job became much difficult for a person. A large number of people including youngsters are still unemployed in Pakistan. However, there are some ways which can help you to find latest jobs in Pakistan in 2020 and beyond. Several companies in both government and private sectors advertise jobs. However, you should check all latest updates regarding career opportunities and jobs in Pakistan.

What Kind of Jobs are available in Pakistan?
In Pakistan, jobs usually arise from different sectors. However, these three are the main ones:
 • Government Sector
 • Private Sector
 • Project Based Jobs

How to find government jobs in Pakistan?
The government organizations usually advertise their jobs in newspapers. You should read the Sunday classified of renowned newspapers such as Dawn, Jang, etc. People want to join Armed Forces such as PAF, Pak Army and Pak Navy must visit their official websites on a regular basis. You should appear for FPSC exam if you want to do a civil service job.

How to find Private jobs in Pakistan?
It is much easier to get a private job than the government job. Private companies usually list their jobs on different job seeking websites such as,, and They also advertise them on different social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also find jobs in different Facebook groups related to job and career opportunities in Pakistan.

When is the right time to look for a job?
It is better to start searching jobs five to six months before the completion of your degree. You can start searching for companies, jobs, and asks your friends and relatives to inform you about the latest openings in their companies. Prepare your resume in a professional manner as it will increase your chances of getting an interview call.

Which jobs are in demand in Pakistan?
Each job or profession has its own demand and the salary of a person depends on his/her qualification and experience. However, these are some high paying jobs:
 • Chartered Accountant
 • IT professional
 • Physician (Cardiology and Neurology)
 • Marketing Manager
 • HR Manager
 • Telecom Engineer
 • Project Manager
 • Creative Designer
 • Mechanical Engineer
 • Aviation Manager
 • University Lecturers
 • Nuclear Engineer
 • Audit Manager

Which are the top 10 careers for women in Pakistan?
The ratio of women workforce is gradually increasing in Pakistan. Women are now doing jobs in almost all sectors and organizations. However, there are some career options that most women prefer in Pakistan.
 • Medicine
 • Teaching
 • Law
 • Aviation
 • Banking
 • Information Technology
 • Media
 • Designing
 • Beautification
 • Entrepreneurship

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