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Today, I have shared some real facts about YouTube which are ignoring by new youtubers. I have to tell you in a sequence, first thing being in this regard, you should not begging subscribers from others. While you are commenting to other you-tuber in especially, in the comments box may avoid to write “subscribe my channel”. It shall harmful effects on your channel audience because people do not like these types of tactics which you take to growing your channels. Secondly, anything you write in comment box shall retain (mentioned) for many years which will adverse action for your audience. You are perpetrators for own cause of action to reduce audience to watching your channel. This thing much brings in mind while you are working for YouTube. It is difficult work task but not impossible, for future success. Third main criteria which normally new you-tubers have been ignoring it are watch time. The watch hour gradually increase while telling to other friends they will have to watch your channel in different IP address or internet connections. The mobile data or internet connection should different into your IP address. It is most complicate one but it is essential to enhance your watch time. But it is needs to check out watch time from subscribes or non subscribers. Both are included in watch hours.

On the other hand, there are two conditions which is interlink with YouTube policy even to monetize your channel. You should complete one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hour’s time. It is prolong process even difficult while you are working in specific topic. After completing your subscribe and watch hour’s time then you should focus on your viewers interest. You should engage with your viewers in question & answer format. You should send your video’s on different social media platform to grow your watch time. If you have not
face-book account then you create to utilize this plat form to increasing your watch hour time. The twitter is also helpful tool to enhance your watch hours. The new you-tubers should have a Instagram account for enhance more watch hours.

All new you-tubers may devote their work on YouTube channel. If you are not getting success in 6 to 9 month’s then you consisting perform well. You should check your content before publishing. The pillars which you have made for public to see you in a video is depending upon your content’s. Moreover, interest of the public much brings in minds while uploading any video’s. So keep intact with your subscribe and encourage them in positive reply or comment. People interest always changing according to their mindset or circumstances. So keeping those things bring in mind while you are working on YouTube channel.

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