Global Warming (I)

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Today, I discuss global warming issues and factors which are prevailing in Pakistan. As you know that Pakistan is a developing country. There are lots of problems in our political and institutional setup. Keeping in view, the agenda of this government is very clear in regard to improve our natural system. It is time consuming process. Hence, we have not imposed strictly global warming policy to enforce in our social setup to control to it. I try my best to explicit this issue in various aspects and causes which we are being facing now-a-these days. In this sense, I have presumed that these causes are interlink with i.e. industrial zone, chemical wastages, tree plantation, secure plantation, timber mafia, cutting trees and corruption which are more serious offences which needs to pay such attention. Recently, the cutting of trees is big issue which we have been facing in our urbanization. Where there is no gas pipelines connections the people are using woods as a fuels. There is no license criterion for timber mafia. They are freely destroying thousand of trees without license. Such are the issues which are creating problems in our villages as well as urbanization.

I have to talk about industrial Zone which is most complicated one and needs to reforms before taking any step to improve our natural system. That, sense the industrial zone is producing lot of chemical materials even there is no proper wastage material system exist in Pakistan. These wastage materials are going directly into our river system and damage the growing crops and fields. Obviously, it is harming our animals and birds too. Simultaneously, it is harmful effect in our agriculture lands which are most crucial and alarming situation for Pakistan. Our seeds, chemical fertilizers and fruits are also damage through chemical wastage which is going into rivers. The growth and taste of different fruits are gradually changing which are alarming for our food industry. It has been directly affected in our health and digestive system. So it is essential for us to protect our seeds and use chemical fertilizer to enhance growing fields and its production. If we not take appropriate action we should lose our annual growth and production. It is a phenomenon in our society to wake up then we have lost everything or near to lose.

I am not fussy at all. My ambition is to promoting education regarding global warming issues. I have tried to succinctly this topic, in detail the side effect of global warming in our societies are much worse than before. The shortages of rains, shortage of growing production are harsh consequence upon our society even human health too. I am educating to our people to change their priorities and try to work to grown natural environment which we are losing gradually. The apex Court of Pakistan has kept their reservation about global warming and worry too. It should monitoring and evaluation on annual basis. Those who have not been taking precautionary measure regarding wastage material it should give exemplary punishment to those who are involved in this bad practice. On the other hands, the merchants who have been running the industrial sector may impose heavy fine. If our institutions are not been taking appropriate action or built any barrier against them this issue has not been resolved.

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