Is Technology responsible for human suffering ?

(Zurnish, Rahim yar khan)

Technology and human sufferings.

Technology is unquestionably a boon for grouping. It's all the additional necessary for the economic process of a rustic. Trendy technologies have in truth succeeded in reducing human efforts. Scientific advancements in the fields of communication, computers, artificial intelligence, technological warfare, and cybernetics have made man a slave of technology. While on one hand, we are able to build American technological advancements of atomic energy to get electricity. and facilitate several villages lighten us, at the hand similar atomic energy is often accustomed produce bombs which may cause mammoth destruction.
''Technology without hatred can be a blessing. Technology with hatred is always a disaster.'

'Drones, JF-17, tanks, nuclear bombs, missiles, hydrogen bombs,s and weapons of mass destruction are all gifts of science. The existence of deadly weapons has become a source of concern, technology has the propensity to wipe out humanity. ' Similarly, robots and alternative technological advancements have served as a decent servant to America however the instant it becomes the master it will wipe off humanity from the planet. Technology has modified dramatically each side of our way of life, within contemporary life.

Technology has most improved our lives through education, communication, and medical treatment. Finally, technology has improved loads of medical systems. Within the past, many of us died untimely due to lack of treatment.

Also at that point, there was no specialist doctor. However currently we've ton|tons|plenty|heaps|loads|a great deal} of hospitals in our country, and there includes a lot of professional doctors, and that they provide America far better treatment.

Many of us also are saved from the method of death for higher treatment which is merely owing to technology. Technology has conjointly broadened the method a patient will communicate together with his or her doctor. “This sort of communication is termed telecommunication technology.

Tel medicine at first will facilitate the patient and doctor and medical technology primarily saves several lives and will increase the standard and safety of life” (“Positive effects on medical technology”). Owing to its advantages, it became a vicinity and parcel of our daily life. There in the case solely owing to technology has improved our education system, the social communication system further as medical treatment.

It helps Americas as not solely serving to America this and past, however, conjointly brings America nearer to the threat. Initial of all, technology may be a powerful tool that improved, supports,s and remodel education in many ways, like, digital textbooks, Google lectures rooms to facilities learning, analysis of new information, project work, student activity, manage and observance.

Over the past few decades, many experts have suggested that the future of mankind is 'Robotic'. Man has learned to fly like birds, to be fast like robots, to be fast like machines but has forgotten how to live like a man. Technology has revolutionized the communication field, but this too at a price, our online presence has taken a toll on our real-life interactions.

Excess of everything is bad. Reliance on modern technology has social economic and moral implications. We have guided missiles and misguided souls. implications.

Technology does not seem to have time to deal with nonscientific objects. Piracy of digital media like music, movies is a big challenge. • We are just a click away from any news around the world, but this too comes at a price.Western culture has led to 'Americanization' of culture around the globe, all this robs humanity of diversity of civilizations.Technology has further aggravated the already appalling situation of unemployment.Unemployed workforce is easy recruits of militant organizations.

It can be safely reiterated, '' It is excellent to have a giant power but it is tyrannical to use it like a giant'' According to Martin Luther king Jr '' Our scientific power has overturn our spiritual power; we have guided missiles and misguided souls'' We should learn to make wise use of science and technology The Way Forward:
• Moral and ethical checks on science. The best way to reduce human sufferings is to limit human desires. Advancement in communication,science and digital media should be used to generate charity and public awareness.

''The reign of machines is death of heart ,the instrument crush the feeling of loyalty and kindness''.

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