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Cinderella was a beautiful girl with big eyes, a fair complexion, and glossy hair but the downside was that she was a little short.

Cinderella was often ridiculed for being short by her friends. She didn’t show her friends that she feels bad, but she cried a lot at home. As her friends have boyfriends and they were all dated every weekend so her friends ridiculed Cinderella that whether she will get a prince or not?

Cinderella was very fond of singing. She sang songs at many parties and receive applause from people due to her melodious voice. One day, there was a grand dinner in her town. All people from the town were there to attend the dinner. Cinderella was also there. Cinderella got a chance to sing a song. Her melodious voice impressed the prince of that town. The prince decided that she was the only girl whom he will marry. The prince sent a proposal to her and after a few months they both got married. Cinderella’s friends were very embarrassed and they apologized to her. Cinderella forgave her friends and now she lives her life with her prince with happiness.

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