World Health Day

(Syeda Fizza Salman, Karachi)

Each year, The World Health Day is celebrated annually on 7th April which is observed under the campaigns of the World Health Organization (WHO). This day should be dedicated to the health workers. They are real heroes and playing their vital role in this pandemic outbreak crisis. People are more concerned about their health and they care everyone and their selves which is a good change. People are habituated to wear mask anytime on their face but the aim of this country is to improve the standard of living of the people in rural areas and educate people how they can take better care of themselves. The people in rural areas suffer from vitamin deficiencies, depression, weakness of bones, etc. It would be better if on World Health Day the country focuses on the problems faced by these people.

The government and NGO’s need to come together and raise awareness amongst the citizens and also realise that health indicators are directly connected to basic life-supporting infrastructure such as proper sanitation and clean water to meet human development goals.

Together we can build a safe future. The government and NGOs should come forward and resolve this matter.


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