Coronavirus - God sent or Man Made?

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The world has now entered into an era where the spell of sickness has become very common. CoronaVirus has now become one of the most familiar diseases which is spreading with a fast flow throughout the world. The only continent which is under lock and key from COVID-19 is “Antarctica”. It is said to be started in an animal wet at Wuhan’s animal market in December. COVID-19 is not only costing us millions and billions of dollars but also thousands of lives as well. While the news of the pandemic is being received every passing day, people are somehow getting used to staying indoors. But about a few months from today, the debate on whether COVID-19 is man-made or natural was the talk of the town for months.

Some people think that it is a natural disease and call it God’s punishment. As the time passing, the world is drowning in sinfulness, people are getting involved in wrongdoings, place of worship for Hindus has been built in Saudia Arabia, gambling is becoming common, concerts are happening in Saudia Arabia, men are disrespecting women, rapes are becoming common, people are disrespecting Islam and our beloved prophet (P.B.U.H), etc. We are so lost in this mortal world that we have forgotten to mention Allah and have forgotten to seek forgiveness from Allah. People are doing all the stuff as if they don’t have to account for it to their Lord one day. As a result of such sinfulness, it can be called divine punishment.

There is also a debate on China claiming that just because Coronavirus cases were first reported in China it doesn’t mean that the virus is originated in China. Chinese media reports that several imported products from different countries, including a consignment of fish from India, were found to have traces of COVID-19 testifying that virus may have entered China through foreign countries. China also denied the US allegations of the virus that emerged from a secretive bio-lab in Wuhan also revoked allegations that it is started from a wet market in the city from bats and pangolins before infecting humans.

In 1993 Simsons animated series has mentioned a flu in season 4 that spreads by coughing. They have displayed that the flu starts to spread from Japan’s city Osaka. All characters in this series who got infected by the flu exactly act the way infected people do today in the real world.

On 9th September 2011, a movie was released named “Contagion”. The movie is based on a virus which was named in the movie as “ MEV-1”. In the movie, they have displayed today’s world 9 years ago. In the movie, they have shown a lady who travels from America to China(Hong Kong) to visit her friend where she eats a Pig which was infected by a bat, the next day when she travels back to America to her family, after 1 day of reaching home she starts feeling symptoms of virus-like coughing & sneezing. Somehow she dies leaving back the bacterias to her son due to which he also dies. Gradually the MEV-1 virus starts to spread from person to person and after days it covers the whole country. This might be a coincidence but…

It can be a part of the plan of the new world order to scale down the world population. “Depopulation agenda” which is also known as AGENDA 21, is a program planned by the United Nations (UN), a secret plan to depopulate the world by 95% by the year 2030. Many of the international politicians, elites, and billionaires have also conversed about the agenda 21 such as Ted Turner (founder of CNN), David Rockefeller (one of the Illuminati bloodlines), Rick Oltman (director of c-span), Henry Kissinger (American politician) Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft). Maybe after knowing this you may have some questions like: Why they intend to reduce the world population? Who they intend to depopulate, rich or poor? Of course, they want to diminish the rate of poor population. Next in order, they plot to reduce population because they think, people living on this planet are more than needed due to which they are facing global warming, decrement of resources, etc.

On the other side the book “END OF DAYS” which was written on 24th June, 2008 by “Slyvia Browne”. In her book, she stated that: “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later and then disappear completely”

While some debates on that the virus is funded and patented by Wellcome Trust (UK), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Department for environment and food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), World Health Organization (WHO), European Commission (EU) via The Pirbright Institute (UK). The Pirbright is an institute that develops novel vaccines. The institute received grants from other funders and their partners mentioned above. Professor Bryan Charleston is the CEO of Pirbright institute and is also said to be the owner of the Coronavirus patent. The coronavirus patent was issued in just 17 months from the initial filing.

Hence, there are so many debates on whether the Coronavirus is a Man-made disease/ bioweapon to diminish the world’s population to reach the secret agenda, or is it just a God’s game?

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