It’s a Covid-19 Or A Way To Control The Population

(Aqsa Mughal, Sukkar)

Yeah! No doubt there is covid-19 present, people are thrashing by it. But what about the public opinion, to shout for their families, how is it possible a same person got covid-19 positive from government hospital and as same person got covid-19 negative from private hospital, is there any justification? How the people of Pakistan are save their lives while government isn’t loyal with their public. The reports of governmental hospitals mostly came out positive for the fund, and now innocent peeps killed by doctors on the command of authorities and then said. It’s a natural death but in factual now it’s a way to control or try to shorter the population yet. In 1947 we got independence in the command of Qauid-e-Azam, and he was sick during his period. He was the patient of tuberculosis, and doesn’t show his disease because of he did not want to show it to public. Before some years of his death he told to his doctor, if is there any serious problem with me or I have little time to lived so told me then I would like to did anything good for the public before dying. This is the example of our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who sacrifices for their people not for personal interest. We didn’t avoid the covid-19 is factual but what did the government with their peeps. Public sector selected the king of state because of the betterment and stability at the nation rather than the conflict. Pakistan is partially dropped in poverty while demand of doctors for the test or checkup up to 8,000. Should we ever thought about for those people who scarified for their children, they didn’t celebrated any occasion, they slept hungry because of their children lives happily so how they afford their fees, is that a Islamic country? At the end of it, I am not taken any objection about the system or authorities, but being a human we need to take step forward for those who are smacked even we are also, if we seemed how many things are there for sum up, unemployment rate increased in Pakistan day by day, Why? Government did not make any surety for the security of ourselves, they didn’t punished the rapist, children are shrink before shine, there is so many things that we need to build.

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