Hania Aamir Recalls When Fans Camped Outside Her House

(Ali, Karachi)

During an Eid special show, Pakistani actress Hania Aamir recalled the time she was stalked by fans. While it’s good to support your favorite celebrities, some fans take it too far and this was a similar incident.

In her appearance on the chat show Hansna Mana Hai, Hania shared a ‘scary’ story where her fans camped outside her house. The matter got so out of hand, that the police had to get involved.

While talking about the incident, she said that some fans showed up outside her house but she wasn’t there. They did not believe it and waited there for three to four hours. The police then arrived on the scene and asked her family if they knew them and threatened to take them away. However, the actress’ mother intervened and told them to let the fans go, as they were only kids.Hania Aamir is an aspiring young actress, who won the hearts of people as soon as she stepped into the industry. Her acting skills speak for themselves, and she has proven herself by doing challenging and versatile roles. The actress has starred in hit drama serials like Anaa, Ishqiya, and more.

Currently, she has a movie coming out titled ‘Parde Mein Rehne Do,’ starring alongside Ali Rehman.

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