Something extraordinary

(Shaheena Naeem, Karachi)

I had an extraordinary event in my life; when I used to learn computer from my computer instructor. I was learning computer first time, I was discovering new world and I was passionate to learn it. He had been trapped me from the hypnosis tricks. I was very much eager to learn computer and its features. He was not in senses, when he taught me . Generally he used to talk to me in a good way and he made laughter, so I used to laugh at his jokes .I didn't know about his plan.

" Past is dead,. Future is uncertain. Present is all you have, so eat, drink and live merry".

Furthermore, he used to sit behind me and pass remarks every time . And he used to act as he was showing that he is obedient of mine. He wanted to show that he is my obedient. I was innocent and eager to learn. He wanted to attract me from his mysterious personality. But I could not understand his plans. He wanted to hypnosis me, then I was frightened, due to unforeseen circumstances .When I was learning computer, my instructor told me due diligence, about my attractive personality , princess extraordinary. I wanted to hit a target but he was not cooperative; because he always used to give remarks on me .I thought he was insane. It was my extraordinary event, that ever had a day. Then I had to leave the institute but surprisingly, I felt the changing in my body and mind. I was ill-health , and had to suffer severe health problem ..I was not able to do anything else then after some days I had to call him and told him about my situation, then he gave me rays from the phone , then I felt pleasure and now I was able to do normal as previous one. Then, I have got my new lively previous one. My creator rescued me from a bad person as well. I am thankful to my creator, who gave me a new life.
" Tread softly, breathe peaceful weapon which you can are to change the world".

Moreover, I was narrow -escaped from the incident and my creator had been redempting me. I was very thankful to my creator, who has given my blessings. I have to produce extraordinary or uncanny abilities from my personality. It was my moral incident, that I learned something extraordinary.
" An idea is a feat of association, and the height of it is a good metaphor".

The reason for something extraordinary happened in the world, people involved in these cases. People have been concerned different experiences as
something extraordinary. I experience as much as I can. I am an excellent observer too. I could have been suffering by a man , but luckily I just managed out of the way.

In my idea, people should avoid bad experiences, because due to this, they could have been suffering mental and physical problem. It is quietly a new experience for me.

Shaheena Naeem
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