The Unsung Lyrics of Ruling Party's discrimination against small political parties

(M. Furqan Hanif, Karachi)

In the hallowed halls of political intrigue, a ruling party, akin to a Machiavellian puppet master, orchestrates a malevolent symphony of discrimination against its smaller political counterpart. In the Shakespearean drama of governance, this ruling faction eschews the noble ideals of fair play and equity, opting instead for a dark plot that seeks to sabotage the very fabric of the political atmosphere.

As the curtains rise on this political stage, the ruling party emerges as a formidable force, draped in the cloak of power and privilege. Like a Shakespearean villain, it views its smaller opponent not as a worthy adversary but as a pawn to be sacrificed for the pursuit of unbridled dominance. The ruling party, driven by a lust for control reminiscent of Macbeth's ambition, employs discriminatory tactics that would make Iago proud.

In this tragic tale of political subterfuge, the ruling party, blinded by its hunger for supremacy, undermines the principles of democracy. Instead of fostering a political landscape akin to a benevolent monarchy, where all parties are granted their due rights, it chooses the path of oppression. The ruling party, with a dagger-like precision, stabs at the heart of democratic values, leaving the opposition wounded and disenfranchised.

Much like the feuding families in Romeo and Juliet, the ruling and opposition parties engage in a bitter rivalry that transcends mere ideological differences. The ruling party, intoxicated by the sweet nectar of authority, seeks not to engage in fair discourse but rather to poison the very roots of political pluralism. It employs discriminatory measures, robbing the smaller political entity of its voice, its legitimacy, and its rightful place in the political arena.

The ruling party's discriminatory practices, reminiscent of the manipulative schemes in Othello, sow seeds of discord and distrust among the electorate. By denying the smaller political party its due rights, the ruling faction seeks not only to undermine its adversary but also to cultivate a political landscape devoid of checks and balances. In this power play, the ruling party forgets the wise counsel of Shakespearean wisdom – that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

As the Shakespearean tragedy unfolds, the ruling party's actions cast a dark shadow over the political realm. Instead of nurturing a political order where every faction, regardless of size, is granted its rightful place, the ruling party chooses a path of despotism. The true tragedy lies not only in the discrimination against the smaller political party but also in the erosion of the very foundations of democratic governance. In the end, the ruling party's treacherous plot may bring about its own downfall, for in the Shakespearean drama of politics, the wheels of fate turn with an inexorable and poetic justice.
M. Furqan Hanif
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