Unemployment in Pakistan

(Muhammad Ali, Gujrat)

Unemployment is an economic term. It means the percentage of labour force without job. It is a global problem. Unemployment is on its peak in Pakistan. According to the recent statistics, approximately 5.95 percent of labour force is unemployed in Pakistan. It is increasing day by day.

Effects of Unemployment:
Unemployment is not only a social means but its consequences are far reaching as well. It brings frustration and depression among the youth and purser it to negative activities. It is one of the cases of robberies, street crime and terrorism, in our country. Politically it brings discontentment in the people. Votes are bought and sold.

Causes of Unemployment:
There are numerous causes of unemployment in Pakistan.

Our education system is not according to the needs of our country. All the attention is paid to theoretical education and practical is ignored, that’s why there is shortage of skilled hands in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing country, and needs skilled people for progress. We are not advance in industry, we can’t absorb all the youth in factories.

Our birth rate is very high. The resources of the country are not enough to maintain such a large and growing population.
Jobs are less than the need of the people.

One important cause of unemployment is the behavior of our young people. They don’t like manual work, they are dreaming of a good office job and a high social status.

Negligence of our government is one of the major causes of unemployment in Pakistan. Its current polices and efforts are not enough to decrease and eliminate unemployment form Pakistan.

Solution of Unemployment:
When a large portion of population is unemployed, no effort for national progress can succeed.

Some certain steps are required to get rid of unemployment.

First of all, changes should be made in our education system. It should be made according to the requirements of our country. We need not only educated but skilled and professionally trained people to make progress, so it should be able to produce the required type of people.

Family planning pogroms should be popularized to control the birth rate.

Government should facilities of technical and vocational training, to the people. In this way they would be able to enhance their knowledge and earn their livelihood.

Government of Pakistan has taken some steps in the regard. The National Man Power Council runs a National Employment Bureau, which helps the people to get jobs. Tow youth employment services have also been established to reduce unemployment.

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Unfortunately, the unemployment in Pakistan is increasing at a rapid rate. We need to focus on the root cause of this issue that is the lack of providing the proper opportunities to those who are looking for employment.
By: Farah, Karachi on Sep, 25 2017
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aap ka articles dak kar bohot khoshe hoye sir geee mai is topic par research krta hoo causes of unemployment in pakistan thora help chai ya mera mail address haii.......... [email protected],com
By: anwar hussain, kpk chitral on Nov, 13 2016
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give any literature review on unemployment in pakistan
By: talia, gujrat on Apr, 25 2016
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parhna likhna baykar gaya sub...
By: Arfa badar, Karachi on Jan, 27 2016
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nice one sir
By: Aamir sohail, fsd on Nov, 12 2015
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nice dear Najamuddin
By: farhan Ahmed, shikarpur, sindh on Sep, 23 2015
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By: Najamuddin Ghanghro, Karachi (Original from Larkana) on Oct, 17 2012
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Jobless rate still above 10% in EU
Eurostat data | Monday 01 October 2012

The eurozone seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 11.4% in August 2012, stable compared with July. The EU27 unemployment rate was 10.5% in August 2012, also stable compared with July, said Eurostat, on 1 October. Eurostat estimates that 25.466 million men and women in the EU27, of whom 18.196 million were in the eurozone, were unemployed in August 2012.

Among the member states, the lowest unemployment rates were recorded in Austria (4.5%), Luxembourg (5.2%), the Netherlands (5.3%) and Germany (5.5%), and the highest in Spain (25.1%) and Greece (24.4% in June 2012).

The largest falls were observed in Estonia (13.2% to 10.1% between the second quarters of 2011 and 2012), Lithuania (15% to 12.9%) and Latvia (17% to 15.9% between the second quarters of 2011 and 2012). The highest increases were registered in Greece (17.2% to 24.4% between June 2011 and June 2012), Cyprus (8% to 11.7%), Portugal (12.7% to 15.9%) and Spain (22% to 25.1%).

Between August 2011 and August 2012, the unemployment rate for males increased from 9.9% to 11.3% in the eurozone and from 9.6% to 10.5% in the EU27. The female unemployment rate rose from 10.5% to 11.6% in the eurozone and from 9.8% to 10.6% in the EU27.

In August 2012, 5.458 million young persons (under 25) were unemployed in the EU27, of whom 3.392 million were in the eurozone. In August 2012, the youth unemployment rate was 22.7% in the EU27 and 22.8% in the eurozone, compared with 21.5% and 20.7%, respectively, in August 2011. In August 2012, the lowest rates were observed in Germany (8.1%), the Netherlands (9.4%) and Austria (9.7%), and the highest in Greece (55.4% in June 2012) and Spain (52.9%).
By: Najamuddin Ghanghro, Karachi (Original from Larkana) on Oct, 17 2012
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thnks , Fawad Ahmed.
By: Muhammad Ali , Gujrat on Oct, 16 2012
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Nice Essay.
By: babloo Malik, lahore on Aug, 27 2012
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Dear writer,

I appreciate your time in thinking and writing this very prominent issue in our society. Although unemployment is dependent on Stock exchange movement but your solutions to unemployment is the first aid to this problem.
By: Fawad Ahmed, Lahore on May, 22 2012
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