(khurram ahmed, karachi)

Quaid-i-azam is the famous personality in the world of Muslims. He was a great leader of Muslims of Sub-Continent. He was born in 25 dec 1876 in Karachi. He struggle so much for the Muslims of Sub-Continent. He want a separate for the Muslims of Sub-Continent. There are a number of qualities which make as a role of model for others some of them are:

1)He was a man of principles and acted upon whatever he said or promise to do.
2)He was an honest and courageous person to speak what he consider was in the interest of Muslims of the Sub-Continent.
3)He was a resolute man of untiring spirit.
4)He possessed a pleasing personality combined with polished manners. His presence in the gathering remained an attraction for others.

Quaid-i-azam is not more with us but his movement for the Muslims of Sub-continent was always remembered in the Sub-Continent.

According to me Quaid-eazam is the very famous personality in the wrld

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