My child is illmannered...

(Anum Laique Ahmed, karachi)

Nowadays ,every next person says that my child is illmannered, obdurate, stubborn..nonflexible nature,never mix with their buddies,bla bla bla..
we complain alot instead of talk about...
and obviously im not going to talk that what is going on ,here im talking about what is the reason behind it? & ofcourse we will get the reasonable solution...
we always trying to change the world & we dont know what is going on in our beloved home..
why our children "mis behave"????
lets start ,from the begining..
When our baby come to the world..we say alot of ALHAMDULILLAH..we do all effort to give him comfort,we all take the care about his little things that he need,we observe his pretty acts & enjoy but as you see your child is growing up and getting your words you just think your child doesnt need you anymore.....
your faults start from here,your child has a small mind ,he doesnt understand quickly what you want to say..he thinks that mamma or papa are going far from me..they dont love me anymore? ,dont care me,?what is my fault?the child just need your time is that his fault?
when he calls you,when he shows his activitis to you,you scold him badly instead of listen him should appriciate him what he did..but you give him the video games & tabs & different games to do keeps him busy & stay out from you?
for the specific time he pretend to fix their mind in games but,he is prepare to understand that my parents never give me time,now i will do different things to gain their attention,
1.i will jump from sofa
2.i will tear all the pages in papa's file
3.i will colour my wall with different pencils?
such types of activities comes in his mind..but the poor baby invites for face the different types of music & slaps...
the confidence of boy has gone..he wont trust anybody...
now he grow more to teen age & never share his feelings to anyone..and everytime he do misbehave desperately...and always be in angry mood..
parents says every desires we fulfil ,all the things we provide,after all these things our boy is angry with us..dont know why?
when you dont have time for your are doing different have arranged the maid for taking care of your child..if you dont give attention ,affection,care to your child ,he obviously find these things out of the home..
& no one takes the guarantee that outside your home he will be safe or not ,may be he will be habbitual of some kind of drugs..(na'auzubillah)or the friends who shows love but drag to the negative habbits..& he will definately do because the friends give him "love" not you..and you lose your child..but
"every lock has any key..."
as a muslim we are very lucky to have our book Qura'an which we have all the solution about isalmic & world problems..ALHAMDULILLAH..
we have to give time our child , read and make them understand what is ALLAH said in quraan about the life we are spending,obeying & disobeying the parents ..but first you should read and understand and make your home according to Quraan..& the very main ibadah is NAMAZ which protects you 100 more bad habbits and ofcourse closer to ALLAH( SWT)..
and please do soft speak to your child and try to understand what he want...because you are his world,and you are doing the very first mistake to keep him far from you..
may ALLAH bless all children..
here is dua'a for make our child humble & obidient

"wa aslih li fi dhurriyyati inni tubtu ilaika wa inni minal muslimeen.."

"And o (ALLAH),be gracious towards me in the matter of my off-spring.
And surely, i have returned to You in repentance,and surely,im of those who surrender(to You)."
(suarh Al-Ahqaf 15)

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آپ کی رائے
MashaAllah!!! Anum, this is a very big problem we are facing in this era. I appreciate your efforts of putting your beautiful thoughts into beneficial words. Thanks for putting light on this problem and creating awareness by discussing the causes and its solution. Each and every couple must go through the parenting tips, especially, the ones taught in Islam and must become the role models themselves before expecting their child to become the best.
By: Mariyam, Karachi on Dec, 01 2014
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