Indian meddling goes on, beyond 1971

(F Z Khan, Islamabad)

Indians did before 1971 and Indians are doing it even now, unabated. The 1971 war was started long before November 21, 1971; sponsoring of terrorism inside the then East Pakistan was started and nurtured the Indians much before that. That was not only covert but glaring on part of India that stooped so low to get passed resolution through its parliament to launch attack against Pakistan approving support for Bengali insurgents. After elections in 1970, delay in transfer of power was part of an internal democratic process, and it provided no reason for India to attack and dismember Pakistan. Despite that India committed a naked aggression. India openly admitted training Mukti Bahni, opening training camps inside India, and infiltrating RAW agents and launching naked aggression.

Now, India’s admits India’s involvement in Balochistan, FATA and elsewhere, on the same ‘1971-victory’ pattern. Under Modi-appointed ex-RAW’s Golden Temple massacre mastermind Doval, and Chhota Rajan gang, this violation of international law, meddling in Pakistan’s internal affairs and sponsoring of terrorism has been not only geared up, but the tone, tenor and trends are sending signals of taking the South Asian region to a brink of another blood war. Indian provocations on LoC and Working Boundary, aggressive behaviour on diplomatic levels, humiliation of Hockey and Cricket players and stalling of talks’ process is leading to damage Pakistan’s ongoing war against terror under the so far successful Zarb-e-Azb operation.

A war was easy to start perhaps in 1971 to dismember an already distanced part from Pakistan, but the same formula cannot be applied as today’s Pakistan is much more aware, strong, and already battle hardened, especially in the asymmetric warfare, with all awareness as to who is the real enemy.

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