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(Azhar Najam, Hyderabad)

Today, when I was going to a market adjacent to my area, I was very happy because I was planning to utilize my summer vacations and take admission in a Government Institute for shorthand classes but in the other moment I glanced a lad looking glum and staring at a grieve building with a heap of rubbish although I was getting late, his glumness stopped me.

I ran quickly to him and asked him. “why are you standing here in front of this building?” though he was nervous, he answered me that “I am a student of intermediate and learn in a Government School and after school I work as a helper in a mechanical shop, because of summer vacation I decided to get knowledge of Computer, therefore I took admission in a Government Institute from where I could get classes of computer in the morning and could get benefit of my free time”. Then I said “what’s the problem with you, its quarter past 10 a.m. don’t you want to go for your classes”? He spoke in gentle way that “why are you asking all of this”? I got surprised by that question, but answered him in a polite manner that I am a teacher and have planned to get vacation benefit through shorthand coaching as-well, therefore I asked to you, perhaps I could help you, than he showed more enthusiasm.

He said “sir I took admission there because I cannot afford public tuition fee, I didn’t know that this will ruined my career and time”. This was shocking for me! We both were silenced and then he broke the ice and said “sir, this grieve building is the institute where I learn and I am waiting for 1 hour and nobody is here to clean the rubbish and open the institute for learners like me, people say Government servants aren’t sincere with there jobs but I would say that this rubbish is wasted here by the local people not by the Government, so who are responsible for this all?”

These words got me trance for a while then I realized that the “change”, for which there are so many anchors discuss in there shows to get increament in ratings, the only person who could get the change is “ME”, it means wheather we would have change ourselves or just continue to blame the society and leadership.

Now the time begins to take hard decisions, otherwise we always would be contemptible. In spite that we got independence, we still need liberty


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