Wall of Kindness Wah Cantt

(Hammad Ali Shah, Nowshera)

Wall of Kindness By Hammad Ali Shah

Well, it is honor for me and for my team that our campaign has been successful through the city. The city which is more secure and kept private, than any other cities across the country.

"Wah Cantt" is a military cantonment city having highest literacy rate as compare to other places in Pakistan. It is located to the North-West of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is one of the most advanced and developed places in the country.

Where Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF) is headquarter. POF is operating under the defense production division in Pakistan's ministry of Defense. We are proud that our mission is successful for helping the poor in our community.

I am now ready for my 2nd year Exams and my heart is satisfied because of the charity and social work. I remember my days and night with our Volunteers group working for the project to help the poor people. I also remember the joy, the hardships which we face, the risk we got and the love we get will not forget by us.

Some weeks before we started "Wall Of Kindness" or "Deewar e Mehrubani" in wah cantt. It is actually a phenomenal charity work and a kind of welfare usually done by attaching the spare clothes hangers from outside the houses. This encourage the public to donate miscellaneous useful clothes and foot-wears etc.

It was for the first time introduced by an anonymous Iranian and the practice spread through the country. The concept also spread through social media in China Pakistan. Asad Lodhi from Peshawar started "Wall Of Kindness" in Peshawar and afterwards it started spreading in all over the country such as Peshawar, Rawalpindi,

Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Nowshera, and now in Wah Cantt. Some students started this idea through social media in Wah Cantt and we meet all together through Facebook. The hold a meeting and large number of students attended that meeting. Thus the students were divided in two groups. A group against us was demanding the wall and other materials.

from a Political Party but we were against this because it is a social work so it must be social not to be place in Political Activities, this will be criticize by other Political Parties in the city. The board of the city was not ready to give us the wall because of the security issues for the social work. Thus we decided to look for the sponsors and public help to give us a wall.

Every evening we meet each other and go here and there seeking for our help but we find no one useful. Days were passing by and our group against us was raising by. We were having a strong believe on Allah Almighty that we will successful in our work. The people who were sponsoring us were also looking for their own benefits. My friends were shocked because of my reaction as they find me nervous every time. After getting hurt and find no useful we wrote a letter to the station Commander of the cantonment board.

to suggest us a wall or allow us to work on the wall which was in our eyes. So they don't allow us because it was located in well populated place and were having security issues. Maybe they were right. After that our an old friend contacted us and says to use outside wall of his home. We were very happy and we hold a meeting of high level in a hall and announced to attend the meeting.

We final the date and large number of people came with donations on the day when we were starting "Wall Of Kindness". All that works was just the prayers of our parents and the people. We were progressing fast and it was very difficult to make it successful in such situations which we faced. Some people were still on wrong way. And on the day when we launch it, i came to know that "Truth remained triumph over the lies today".

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