Job hopes ruined the career of KP youths

(Ashok Raina, )

A literal interpretation of the two and half decade’s largest KP youth movement __and today considered very stuff cold and nervous one because of there was no much going on like as amazing show been carried on these days.

There were line up thousand number of well educated unemployed KP youth after their unfortunate exodus in early 1990 and politician vanishing their career opportunities and wrecking their lives. To get on to the job the very young KP educated youth are still struggling and among large number have already crossed all overage limits.

It is true” Bad news sells better than good news which is Why I think the portrayal of KP valley employees in the media is so bad.

The misconception of the engaged employees under PM special package turned on its head by the study, which shows 80 percent of Young people and among them two-thirds of teachers believed this generation is more concerned with social issued in parallel to previous point of time.

I have become a stranger in the city where I was once raised. I’ve become shy, avoiding any occasion when somebody might ask:’ what do you do?”

However I was needful of Job. I just want to get a job but I was aware regarding the climate of intolerance and negative public attitudes towards KP employees if though will be serve in the valley said “ Anupum Kher one educated unemployed women to essayist .She further elaborated that “ I feel that if I go for an interview and I was up against the social setup and part of me doesn’t want to try and get”

Surprising is that if these people be acquainted with this fact that we have no personal space at home .The new face of Youth AIKS led by R. K Bhat has so used to make fun of the way I look and remember”

Let the latest evidence suggests that “climate of intolerance and negative attitude towards KP employees in the valley infringed their rights and politician was fuelling these attitudes.

Entry level administration Jobs and data base work reports confirmed that under Prime minister’s special package for return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants to Kashmir valley only 1343 posts in different departments and pertains to all districts of kashmir were filled up from desired unemployed youths . The report card says that Jr.Engineer Electrical total posts 62 while as Jr. Engineer civil 42, Jr. Engineer Mechanical 43 Draftsman 7 teachers from District Anantnag 123, District Bandipora 07, Baramulla 127, Budgam 80, Ganderbal 27 ,Kulgam 94 kupwara 144 ,Pulwama 92,shopian 68 , and teachers from Srinagar 110. Account assists 68, Medical Assistants 14 social worker 68, Class IV 163 respectively. Government job card information further reveals that last from the since more than 26 years Lakhs in number of educated unemployed youths have been appointed within the state related to other communities in their respective districts.

However our research shows the reality is that more young people are volunteering in the community, and the most common words used by teachers to describe them in our survey were ‘ caring ‘ hard –working’ and enthusiastic. I did a survey asking people what they thought about Kp employees for my social action foundation and every one have raised the finger against one AIKS president Mr. R.K Bhat say publicly him responsible for present crisis on the road to unemployed youth of the community though is part of it. While tried to define the new face of Youth AIKS(( All India Kashmiri Samaj) Senior citizen of KP Community alleged that said president had played the political job card rather than employment Job card in favour of needful and desired one youths at the time of crucial stage for the vested interest of politics that caused great injury to reputation and great damage to the community and couldn’t be bring back the same.

Yet the latest evidence suggests that after the unfortunate exodus of minority Kashmiri Pandit community entirely just about are living to survive barely on inadequate amount of cash relief and ration assistance basis providing to them by the central government without any helping hand and funding of local self government . Essayists blames upon the leadership of the community who never raised the issue with the central government from to time upon this burning issue to redress the genuine problem of the community on war foot basis. This is the reason that there are thousands in number of unemployed educated youths related to KP community facing their challengeable life due to ill victim of depression, beyond doubt is a matter of grave concern.

I feel and found that there’s a lack of balance to maintain the stiffness and be full of coordination among the leadership of the community who generalize those issues which were not to their areas connected though have waste their precious time unnecessary. Perhaps they don’t know that youth are not only pillars of the nation but are also the future of tomorrow.

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