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(khalid Ameen, Islamabad)

We have read numerous articles on issues from the perspective of an employee or job seeker for successful career growth; issues like how to write eye catching resume, prepare for successful interview, and tackle prejudice or indifferent, ruthless bosses and to get skyrocketing promotion. These all objectives are directly linked with employer expectation from job seeker or the employed one. I could not find much information online to know about expectations of an employer so I decided to write on it truthfully.

Basically it is imperative to comprehend organizations expectations from their human resources to help them perform in the best interest of the company as well as for themselves. This comprehension and contemplation will lead to win-win situation for both the parties.

For job seekers; if he knows well that what an employer expects from people appearing for the interview he can rate him fairly that he suits for the company or not and vice versa.

To better understand employer needs to fill the vacant position candidate should visualize himself on the shoes of the employer that if he has to hire a resource for his business to perform particular tasks which will directly or indirectly contribute in his business sustainability and growth which candidate should he hire. Definitely every employer wants the best resources for their businesses; let me elaborate “the best” that what qualities job seeker should possess that employers are rubbernecking for.

I will narrate three major indispensable components with prioritized sequence which employers usually ponder over in a job seeking candidates.
1. Personality traits
2. Work Experience and;
3. Related Education and trainings.

Companies scrutinize candidates by probing such interview questions which delineate candidate’s overall personality, work experience and education.
Personality Traits:
A must have personality trait in a candidate is trust worthiness. He will perform his assigned tasks meticulously and with complete loyalty. Such candidates will not be depraved or disguising but earnest. Trust worthy people develops confidence, respect and growth for themselves not only in the eyes of the employer but in the whole industry.

Second foremost personality trait is attitude and behavior toward the assigned roles, team members, colleagues, customers and all related stakeholders. How does one react in stress and work pressure actually reflects through his attitude and behavior, in hard times keeping calm, avoiding blame game and mutually resolving “our” issues as a team builds credibility and ultimately leads to the prosperity.

Work Experience:
Now a days work related technical or managerial experience is highly desired by the employer companies mainly because experienced resources mitigate risks of errors, bring novelty and save company’s time and money. Experienced people are considered masters of their art basically they had confronted diverse situations in their career life which is proved to be a revenue generating asset for the employing companies.

Education and Trainings:
Education and trainings are one of the contributing factors to increase the expertise in their related field of interest. Education gives theoretical knowledge, analytical skills and ideas, Trainings help learn new ways and methodologies to perform given tasks.

On the shoes of employer an interviewee candidate will think that what value he can add for the good of the company business and how to solve challenges faced by the company; he must have sure knowledge about company business, footprint and infrastructure before the interview. Practically very few candidates thinks like that they are either overconfident or scared if they will get the job or not and rarely give a thought that what a company expects from them is more important than that of their fears.

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