The Ailing Prime Minister

(Noshin Bashir, Karachi)

After 39 days long trip of London the Prime Minister is back in the democratic realm. Since July 8, 2016 the health of Prime Minister is improving but the symptoms of Panama Papers seems not gone by medication. He repeatedly directs his loyalists to negotiate with opposition parties on the issue but the Issues seems converting into an outbreak by every passing day. Somehow he managed to get infection in leg and decided to extend his stay in Rivand Palace. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah worked really hard despite the life threatening illess of that time. In his last days he even remained reluctant to describe his poor health and never barricaded his illness in his work. The PM has come out of major health panic and is capable of discharging his official duties. He should opt for a political resolve of the Panama Papers rather than chosing the delaying tactics.

He need a double discharge of duties as a Prime Minister and as a Foreign Minister of the state concurrently. Being a foreign office holder he is devoid of emancipating the foreign policy statements on very important issues of national interests. He better respect the constitution of Pakistan and run the state affairs accordingly.

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