Policy implementation in the discourse of gender and Development

(Muhammad Faizan Jamil, Lahore)

Whenever the policies regarding women empowerment are discuss, many suggestions were given related to the structural changes, but by analyzing these policies we find many flaws that exist in implementation plans e.g. In policies of gender development the area, culture and religion differences give no enough importance, they talk about the cumulative conditions of any particular region to plan any policy regarding women empowerment and in that case our backward areas (mostly rural areas) were mostly neglected, like almost 65% of Pakistan’s papulation is living in rural areas, if we ignore the 65% of our papulation than how can we achieve such goals of our policies. It is very important to consider both genders towards addressing the social and structural determinants of gender in-equalities of our society.

One of most lethal drawback towards the policy implementation is the political agendas of our politicians. The biggest fortune of our system is that, we use such type of development programs as political tool to serve individual needs. If we analyze the ground realities of Pakistan in context of policy planning and implementation, we can point out many aspects that contradict our moral values through political propaganda, e.g. Women protection bill has its peal now a days, but some perspectives explain this action as a play card to convert the people’s attention from the accountability process started by ‘NAB’ towards Punjab, so these types of personal propagandas are the major restrictions towards the policy making and implementations in our society.As we talk about the women up-lifting, we should not ignore the contribution of men, some people of the view that, men are the major problem preventing gender equality and women empowerment on the other hand men are also the majorfactor to resolve such type of un-balance gender opportunities in the process of policy implementation.


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