Allama Iqbal

(Sarmad, Karachi)

A glance of some one has elevated Iqbal
The people have been fascinated by Iqbal
O stars, tell to where has departed Iqbal
The region of wisdom has easily been crossed by Iqbal
But in the kingdom of love has been entrapped Iqbal
(Translation from ‘Bazgasht e Iqbal’ by Zafar Abbas)

Worthy Mr. President and dear audience.
9th November every year reminds us the significant day and date when a child took birth in Sialkot who changed not only the government set up in India but infused a new spirit among the Muslims of sub continent. It was Allama Dr,Muhammad Iqbal who appeared on the scene of this mysterious world with such a sensitive soul keeping the ability to probe deeper and deeper into the real nature of the mysteries of this ever changing world and with the eyes far reaching beyond the blue skies and searching the secrets of eternity.

Dear Mr. President, Iqbal had a unique, graceful and matchless beautiful style of poetry both in Urdu and Persian languages. No doubt he didn’t write poetry for the sake of poetry but to improve the status of man particularly the Muslims of the subcontinent as he says in a Persian verse:

“I seek no pleasure of song , My poetry is a device by which I try to bring the strayed and uncontrolled camel of my nation to the herd”

Dear Mr. President,.and dear audience,
Iqbal, no doubt tried hard to awake his nation that was lying listless entangled in the chains of slavery but it doesn’t mean that he had no sympathy for the rest of the world. In fact he is the poet of the universe. The central character of the universe “the man” is the basic topic of his poetry. He tries his best to make man realize himself and his positive capabilities.” Khudi”, the realization of oneself, is his main symbol which he has used throughout his poetry. Iqbal gives the message of hope, love, justice and peace to the whole humanity and says:

“The lust of power and greed for wealth has separated the humanity apart. Be the language of brotherhood and narration of love”

When he sees the horrible wars, battles and bloodshed every where in world he calls out:

“Man is a pitiable hunt in the clutches of the kings and leaders, It is a pity that man is the hunter and killer of man.
Dear Mr. President and peace loving audience,
The poetry of Iqbal is replete with the messages of hope, unity, brotherhood, love and peace. Now it is up to us to be benefited by his precious message and make the world a living paradise of love, unity and peace .I end my speech on these lines:

Iqbal gave the message of peace and love
He wanted us be as innocent as a dove
There is all around war terror and bloodshed
Let us make the world, green , but not red.

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