Even Apple uses SAP ERP and more instead of Oracle ERP-Why?

(Farhan Ramzan, Karachi)

Despite Apples internal IT is Oracle based, the big Apple uses SAP ERP. Like all other businesses, this leading company relies on non-Apple products. SAP is one big name that Apple uses. For big time and high-end enterprise users, SAP is an industry standard resource planning software.

SAP is very powerfully designed to coordinate with all information, activities, and resources, yet it’s incredibly complex as well. It perfectly meets all such factors for completing business processes including billing and order fulfillment.

Apple uses SAP for keeping its inventories low. Although it’s not confirmed, but AAPL most likely uses the five most used SAP modules; Human Resources (HR), Sales & Distribution (SD), Financials and Controlling (FICO), Materials Management (MM), and Production Planning (PP). A reasonable guess is that Apple uses SAP in sales and distribution and product management.

So, SAP sits at the core of Apple and its business processes. If the big Apple uses SAP ERP and other modules, so should your enterprise. Abacus Consulting is one big name that provides SAP consultancy, if you want to know what your business should use and how-contact this firm for a complete guidance.
For now, let us get into the major reasons why Apple uses SAP ERP and not Oracle ERP:

Reason #1- First Mover
The first and primary reason for any enterprise to rely on SAP ERP is because it came first. At that time when Oracle was establishing itself, it was initiating itself as a force as Financial Packages for big enterprises, SAP had a fully established its ERP solution. Just because SAP took a start earlier and had embedded its repute, therefore the space it owned cannot be taken over. The support team already trained for the system can upgrade it and take care of the functions.

Reason #2 - Integration
All SAP ERP modules were built to integrate from the start and this is very important. Why? Because when changes are made, for instance say in finance, if sales and purchase and inventory are also related to finance then all other modules get updated. This kind of integration is built into the SAP system. And if this has to be extended with SCM functionality or CRM, no to minimal effort will be required. This integration level is not provided by Oracle ERP; though it offers a bunch of products that can be cobbled together-but it lacks an in-built integration.

Reason #3- Brand Counts
Some markets consider SAP as a synonym of ERP. So anything other than this is considered a simple compromise. It has now become a status symbol, especially for those that know the name and its functionalities. Some companies are implementing it because their rivals have SAP embedded into their systems, it adds value, and it adds repute.

Reason # 4 - Support System
SAP has a huge base of developers and consultants, so you can seek help from any corner of the world. Apart from the support systems, if you have concerns, even Google has a huge pool to answer your questions.


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