How media cature the mind

(manahil, karachi)

Now days media has a great power it is advanced day by day.In one minute news spread from one country to another country.It is a great technology that we spread news,our idea to people and many things which are uncountable.Simply I say it is a very vast platform where every body show their talent through many ways.The news channels are the biggest platform where everyone take advantage of this and people aware every second of the news in all around the world. Some people work very well through media and give their best to promote the identity of good once and bad once but many one them news channel, I think under on pressure and work dishonestly,how? the one person is good but its good work hurdle the government and for this reason they made fake plan and throw the person from their way by spreading some fake news.And that's true which were heppening every day and we don't know that what was going in our back and we fully depandant or I say trust on media without confirming it!! It capture our mind fully .It stole our mind capability and with close eyes we trust on media.Media spread rumers so much the most famous thing about eid chand etc etc.Some times it seem the good person or the good thing into bad once.I rightly say that media cover our eyes with black glasses that we don't know what was truth behind this news,and this is only done by government order!! I don't know that why all bad things come under the name of muslims and the news channel spread the news or rumers through news with great mirch masala and on other side non muslim people do many bad things or also many things happening their but their is no news from there. Open your eyes muslim all news channel or media is not said truth they don't show real truth because of the order of some big powers.Government sold their soul because of some money and non muslim disgiuse people,they hide the truth. If you hear the truth you will be shocked.Don;t trust the news especially about afghanisan without any reserch. Open your eyes muslim see the world through your eyes without the media black glasses their is many truth.So open your eyes and judge the world through your eyes!

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