Some Women Are Born To Be Leaders

(Maria Ilyas, Karachi)

Indulging in my daydreams was my favorite pastime. One thing that always filled up my dreams was a perception of a man who would sweep me off my feet and carry me on his horse to the end of this world.

Sadly, my dreams lasted only seventeen years when I got married to a man who was scared of horses. After crying and cursing my fate, I mustered up the courage to take charge of the horse myself.

That’s when I realized that not every woman is born to be carried – some are born to ride the horse and conquer the world.

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14 Oct, 2016 Views: 541


آپ کی رائے
what an amazing piece of thought.
By: Farheen Naz Tariq, Chakwal on Oct, 16 2016
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