(Muhammad Hamza Rashid, Islamabad)

Aslam had been continuously insisting on going to the UK for his Masters. His father, Riaz, didn’t know how to tell him that he didn’t have the money. He consulted his wife. After several arduous procedures, they sent their son abroad.

Several years later when Aslam has a decent job, he once comes to his father and says: “Abbu there was some plumbing-work done in the house. Here’s the bill.”

Concealing his shock, Riaz hands him a 5000 rupees bill and tells him:“Keep the change.” After Aslam leaves, Riaz remains in disbelief. The same person on whom he had spent millions, unconditionally, so that he can have a prosperous future, he’s now keeping records of mere hundreds. He was heart-broken but remained mum.

LESSON: There’s a need to rejuvenate the spirit in which Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) said: “You and all your possessions belong to your father.”

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