Slap On The Faces Of Educated Students! Berozgar Scheme

(Hina Sadaqat, Rawalpindi)

WOW! What a future we have given by our Leaders.After expending a big amount of money on education,bearing the severity of circumstances,holding the bachelor's degrees,were we waiting to hold the keys of TAXISSSSSSSS?By giving keys our leaders think that they exempted from all liabilities.They gave us a brilliant future? No,Not at all,actually its a slap on the faces of educated students,that why they spent their parents' money for needles education? Why they got education? Why they forced their families to endure with circumstances?Why they gave false words to their family that they would become an "EDUCATED OFFICER"? Why they compelled them to sleep without food and pay our fees first?Didn't u know that this was your future which we (Leaders,Representatives) had already thought regarding you educated students?

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