Debut of Ali Pervez - a Tribute to the legendary Amjad Sabri (late)

(Jennifer, Karachi)

Ali Pervez & Yousuf Bashir Qureshi while shooting 'Dil hi dil mai'

New Pakistani talent, Alee Pervaiz, has launched his impressive debut song “Dil hi dil mein” playing a tribute to the legendary Late Amjad Sabri. The song is all about love and it depicts the sorrows of Romeo for his Juliet. track is an uncomplete project with Amjad Sabri having his emotional vocals, due to his sudden demise. The video song is directed by Jalaluddin Roomi in a very exquisite way. The artist, Yusuf Bashir Qureshi, has portrayed remarkable artwork which enhanced the beauty of the video.

Alee Pervaiz is the perfect combination of a model and singer rolled into one! If you look at his physique, you are reminded of an actor/model – tall and handsome and not someone who has spent hours in the gym to get into shape. In our country, we tend to have a soft spot for actors specially the ones who are singers too be it Fawad Khan or Ali Zafar. They continue to make us proud in all parts of the World. We shall expect the same from our young singer, Alee Pervaiz. A well dressed man who looks effortlessly chic, this is a winning combination! He is a man who doesn’t have to try hard to be stylish.

Alee Pervaiz has taken it by the storm within few days of his release. His charming personality is earning him a volley of female fans all over the World. Expressing his love for Sabri Sahab, he is all set to explore much more in the industry. Many of us are developing the habit of keeping this track on repeat mode since the past two days. For a debut, he has completely nailed it. His painful voice is what distinguishes him from other singers.

Let’s share this song to remember the Late Amjad Sabri and to support this new Lad Ali Pervez.

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