Senator Waqar Ahmed: A Multitalented Personality from Pakistan

(Muhammad Rehan Ayub, Karachi)

Pakistan has got a rich soil from which some extraordinary sons are born. There are numerous personalities from Pakistan who have proved their metals all over the world over the years. This country has got immense talent that is serving in every country of the world.

Among some extraordinary personalities of this country, one name is of Senator Waqar Ahmed khan who has been blessed with some remarkable qualities by nature. This son of soil opened his eyes in house of a famous political personality of Pakistan, Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan. Gulzar Ahmed Khan was one of the top political personalities of his time. He held many reputable posts and Assistant for Provincial Coordination to Prime Minister of Pakistan was one of them.

Like father like son, Waqar Ahmed has also got some remarkable achievements. He has got higher education from abroad that has always guided him to take right decisions in his life. He has been graduated from the University of Miami in Business Administration and Management. He also learnt Business and Managerial Economics from Aitchison College. His higher education of business has made him one of the successful businessmen in Pakistan.

Waqar Ahmed Khan is the current Chairman of WAK Group. WAK group operates many projects in which PakArab Housing Scheme, WAK Gas, and Multan Road Factory are notable. Being a senator, he also addressed on different international platforms like World Economic Forum Jordan (2009), World Islamic Economic Forum Malaysia (2010), Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FODP), many others.

The family has had a great role in the politics of FATA. It has a historic and notable role in the Upper House where both Waqar Ahmed and his father remained senators in the assembly of NWFP. Waqar Ahmed presented his services as senator from PPP from March 2009 to March 2015 in Khyber Pakhtunkwa. From being the youngest ever member of the Upper House till now, this man of letters, Waqar Ahmed Khan has played a vital in the politics and business sector in Pakistan.

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