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A headache is a pain in the head which almost everyone feels at one time or another. Almost half of all people have a headache at least once a year. Most headaches are not dangerous but they get in the way of your work and disturb your life. Although many people see a doctor when they have a headache, physicians normally cannot see any causes in their offices.

Types of headaches
Tension headaches cause a mild to strong pain in the head. Many people describe such headaches as a tightening feeling. Some headaches cause a dull pain that can last for hours. They occur anywhere from the front to the back of your head. Other people feel a sharp, throbbing pain in their head.

About 20% of all headaches are migraines. They are strong headaches that can cause extreme pain. They can last as long as a couple of days. Warning signs like nausea, vomiting and seeing flashes of light sometimes occur shortly before migraines attack. Such a forewarning is called an aura. Migraines are often passed down to you from your parents and grandparents.

Causes of headaches
• not enough sleep
• not enough water
• stress
• watching TV or looking at a computer screen for a long time
• smoking
• alcohol
• coffee, tea and certain foods

How to fight off headaches
Pain relievers and other drugs are often used to combat headaches. Many people take aspirin when they have a headache. Doctors also suggest that patients should relax when they experience a headache. In some cases, changing your diet may result in relieving pain and weakening headaches.

In any case, you should exercise regularly and get a lot of fresh air. This may not make headaches disappear completely but it can help make you feel better.

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