Is Your Lipstick Toxic???

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Make-up, as every woman loves to be. In fact a survey shows that 90% women hesitate to go outside without wearing Make-up. But the sad fact is that there is little or no meaningful information about the products. In fact women don’t bother to read how these beauty products composed of.

When it comes to cosmetics, Lipstick or Lip-gloss is one of the essentials that you found in every girl’s bag.

In this article you will find how wearing lipstick can cause to severe dangerous diseases. During the day, our lipstick pigments stays on for long hours while often we sleep with it too. That is not a healthiest practice. Though every brand has different composition but a thorough research, it is found that these three metals are ingredients of any lipstick. They are Lead, Chromium and Cadmium. So, let’s see how these metals affect the lips:

It has been used widely for application in metal products, cables, pipelines, paint and pesticides. But it is commonly content in lipstick and is harmful to nervous system. It may become reason of dryness and chopping of lips. Lead poisoning may result in fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability and lack of appetite. In the past, many houses were lead-based painted but due to awareness in recent years, our houses are safer from this metal. But is used in cosmetics, What about it?

It is a hard metal which is used in stainless steel and other alloys for hardness. According to Researchers, It is another Carcinogen that has always resulted in lung cancer and stomach tumors if inhaled or swelled it.

A heavy metal used in Batteries, Electroplating and Nuclear reactors. It is also carcinogen linked to Lung Cancer and may be damage to Respiratory system when inhaled. It is of no use to human body and is toxic even at low levels.

Now, the point is that you and I have many lipsticks whose boxes have been thrown away. So what we should do with them?

Here is the test you can do yourself easily:
1. Put some lipstick on your hand.
2. Use a 24k – 14k Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick.
3. If the lipstick color changes to black then you know the lipstick contains Lead.

By doing this practice, you will know which one is to keep and which is to throw.

Lipstick vanishes after some hours. Where does it go? It has been ingested by us for sure and this is the alarming thing that we intake daily a minute amount of lead, chromium, manganese and cadmium. And then it accumulates in our body and cause toxicity. This beautiful cosmetic may harsh your lips and surrounding skin. This may be result in blacken you lips.

But the good news is that there are also some Companies which are producing Lead-free lipsticks.

Make-up has become an essential thing in today’s life but don’t give tough time to your natural beauty just for temporary look.

Be careful in selecting your cosmetic brand 

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