Nothing is Impossible

(Muhammad Umar Hyat, Multan)

Give respect to everyone that may be boss or a servant same as that may be a rich person or poor. Firstly Success is hides in respect. Secondly you must have goal which you wants to achieve it. You must have plan to start this how you achieve etc. Then you need to struggle much as possible. A famous sentence is that devote yourself today for your tomorrow. Follow the great peoples don't think that this is vain. You just hard work and don't be compromise with yourself because some chances are comes in life once. So make everything possible to you. Problems are part of life but you don't be heart from them they just comes to make you strong and stronger. You must phase every problem in life. Also you must believe on ALLAH and yourself then every way becomes easiest for you. I am not philosopher etc but this is my small try to encourage my younger brothers.

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