Media authorities are following theory of authoritarian

(Maryam Azim, )

Media propagate an idea and that idea very clearly, plainly accepted by audience, said by Noam Chomsky basically according to him media manufacture our consent but not always it happens. It depends how media propagate an idea or how media set its agenda setting??

Our media is authoritarian. There are some sensitive issues on which media never discussed, if journalists try to work against the will of media authorities then it would face rejection or criticism. On contrary to this if we talk about United States, France and Australia we see press freedom in these countries.

Media manufacture our consent through five elements first one is media owners hip these owner for the sake of profit, for the sake of money plays with the mind of people with the collaboration of advertiser. The gap of money is filled by advertising people think what media give them to think. If we take example of present media we can see media perform its function “to entertain” done very efficiently but if we talk about news media its function “to inform” or “to educate” is not properly be performed. Today’s media inform people to be on number one.

Advertiser pays for audiences, to grab the audience through media so their production increases they pay a heavy amount to media for publishing and to advertise their ads. As we can say Money makes the mare go.

The 2nd element through which media grab the attention of audience is elite class people media only provoke people by showing them charm in their ideas and also they hit upon their scheme again and again and get successful in acquire the attention of public.

If we talk about media or press freedom so why we forget the condition of those channels which are in continuous support of politician. Media is not able to criticize any powerful person if we dare to this we could push out. Media is so called free we should accept this reality.

Media till now is not able to talk on very sensitive issues like agencies, army, NGOs, terrorist parties but now these things reveal their selves today’s we can see the news about army but have no rights to criticize them.

Also when story of media is inappropriate for powerful people media could face flack. There is a flack machine which is works when journalist or media person criticize on powerful person.

The fifth element for consent manufacturing is common enemy media always have common enemy like in old days terrorist, communism but now a days the fear factor for audience is Taliban people would not dare to talk about Taliban openly because of fear. Also if we see media made Fata people terrorist or Taliban in the eyes of all round the world by using these filters mentioned above.

The object of using five elements is just for making public opinion through media...for the sake of money our media is authorized and this is not for people but just for money. The role of media in our society is not fair media should follow the norms of media but media did not follow….

Media is authoritarian this is showed by that how media support Indian army during Kargil war it encouraged Indian army on border line if media can do this in 1999 so why in 2016 by the enforcement of India, media banned the news of BURHAN WANI’S murder. Media should not biased and always show both sides of picture…..

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