Information Technology In Pakistan

(Nimra Naeem, Karachi)

The study of processes of using computers and other telecommunication devices for storing, retrieving and sending information of all kinds in form of words, pictures and sounds is called "Information Technology". Radio, Telephones, Mobile phones, Telex, Fax, Television, Cable net and Computers are the devices which used as the devices of the Information Technology.

The use of electronic equipment, especially computers for storing, analysing and sending out information is known as "Information Technology". The exchange of quick information is essential for human linkage and coordination. Information Technology may be useful in many ways. It helps in quick exchange of news and current affairs. It can make the trade and business more expeditious. It can provide quick information of changing world. It may be very useful both in war and peace. The information technology gives a continuous link of government to the different institutions. The information technology can make conscious about every event happening in every second in the world.

On considering these points it is cleared that information technology is the need of time, therefore every country in the world is trying to make use of information technology. In Pakistan efforts are also being made to produce a trend of Information Technology. Computer literacy programmers are the part of these efforts. The Government of Pakistan is trying to fix computer and also other electronic equipments in every department so that the easy exchange of information could be possible.

Pakistan is an under developed country. It has many resources and natural forces which can make it prosper and more developed, so the progress in information technology will be happy augury for it. Information Technology will produce many chances of upgrading the country. The scope of information technology in Pakistan is bright. It will provide help in expending the industries and trade in Pakistan. It will be proved as a mean of quick exchange of information. It will make the efficiency of the institutions far more than expected. Information Technology wil make Pakistan more popular in the world. Information Technology will make Pakistan stronger in every field.

Information Technology in Pakistan is the only mean for rapid progress. It will not only help in selecting good quality of labour but it will help in making right decision for the progress. We hope that information technology will soon become popular in Pakistan so that the new paths will be discovered for the prosperity of Pakistan.

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